What are you 'excellent' at?

  1. So...I was just thinking... What am i good at? Honestly i don't know...some people are very good at a sport, or an art like singing, acting, painting etc.. I really don't know what i am good at. I am a very lively person, always want to have fun and am never dull, i love to love and have a big big heart, however, i so desperately want to be excellent in something, i want to be an expert actually. look around you, almost everyone u know probably has something about them that stands out, some are so smart with money, others are excellent writers, or can express themselves in such an amazing way, some are exceptional cooks..you name it, almost everyone i know has 'somethig'. All i ever wanted in life was to have a husband and children. the husband part fell apart, i thank god still have my 3 worlds (children) that i couldn't live without. sometimes i think something is wrong with me, that i don't have that 'it' thingy. whatever u want to call it. i'm still trying to find myself in this world. I was reading the biography of coco chanel today and i was thinking, it never is too late. coco never thought she would become a world famous clothing designer, she was just somehow put into it without her say at first. then later, after a very hard life she somehow found the 'it' thing that made her phenomenal in what she did. i don't know. i'm just rambling. what is your thing that you are excellent in? please share i would love to know. don't get me wrong. I am good in a lot of things, just not excellent.
  2. ^I bet your kids would say you're an excellent mother. I'm sure there are quite a few things that you're excellent at, and maybe you just aren't giving yourself enough credit.
  3. You just pick something you love and are passionate about, and work at it. That's how you can become excellent at it.

    I had a reputation of being an excellent designer (in some circles :smile: ), but I have no natural talent for it. I just put the hours in until the designs were good enough.
  4. I'm excellent at being a good friend and a good mom... and sometimes a good wife :p
  5. Sternchen, du bist so suess... lol.

    thank you ladies. I think i'm an awesome friend and mother too.
  6. Good at seeing the positive in things!!...
  7. Thats a good one! I could say that about myself.

    I always see the positive no matter what. It gets my DH mad, he always says I make excuses.
  8. Good for you!...."Glass half full" I always say!!!.....:biggrin::tup:
  9. What are you 'excellent' at?

    Annoying people. :balloon: