What are you eating right now?

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  1. Cottage cheese with pineapple :smile:

    Et toi?
  2. Nothing now, but I had some awesome yakisoba earlier today :biggrin:
  3. candy and perrier...
  4. Nothing. It's 10:20pm here and I don't eat anything after dinner {6ish} and my geeky self has bleaching trays in!
  5. Salted peanuts !!
  6. Ole' Vanity....
  7. I have a "thing" about teeth! LOL!

    Too bad not eating late doesn't help my waistline!
  8. Mixed Berry Cheerios and skim milk. :smile:
  9. skittles. The new limited edition "ice-cream" flavor. MMMMM!

  10. ooooh that sounds good......i loooooove candy (as evidenced by the fact that it's almost midnight yet i'm sitting here eating candy)
  11. OMG! I MUST try those!!! :drool
    I ate a whole bag of the Sour ones at the movies the other night! {Freedomland}
  12. SWANKYMAMA. You know what I like.

    Those garlic and cheddar grits, I think it's made by Kraft, but it's practically outlawed everywhere outside of the South because it's so unhealthy. Do they still sell them?!
  13. Yes! you have got to try these. They are super tasty!! Hurry they are limited edition, likem' like my purses:lol:
  14. My 3rd Quaker breakfast bar of the day!
    Next up is the 5th grapefruit of the day. It's only 8:40 and I have a while to go before I sleep!
  15. I'm eating my french fries from dinner. They gave me small fries and it was HUGE! It looks like they stuck them in a shoe box. :nuts: I always wind up putting half in the fridge. The large could probably feed 20 people.