What are you eating right now??

  1. I know we have a thread for different eating habits, but I don't think we have one for this! I'll start.............I'm eating chunky peanut butter on sunflower bread! :nuts:
  2. pizza bread
  3. Tangerines
  4. Just ate an apple.
  5. chocolate chip cookie dough
  6. waiting on cheesy bread sticks from Dominos
  7. Fresh blueberries with a little cool whip
  8. halls vitamin c defense drops...they actually do taste pretty good, but i hate being sick, colds suck.
  9. ^Poor baby..........feel better
  10. hi tillie .. nothing .. need to check the fridge .. BRB^
  11. ^while you were gone, I had a little square of chocolate chip cookie dough! Yum
  12. poached some pears and flambe ..
  13. ^are you for real?
  14. ^^^:lolots::lolots:
  15. yes, it's freezing .. don't like liquor straight .. not really a drinker but like the flavors it imparts ..
    want some^ .. you live too far away! .. *sad* ..
    .. you could teach me how to cut a rug^:happydance: .. :P ..