What are you dreading?

  1. upcoming finals exam ... and economics quiz :faint:
  2. my to-do list today
  3. My night job for tonight... (Fridays are the only days I work morning at my full time job and nights at the part time job.)

    I work part time at this hot spot in town and there's this guy from 6 years ago that I dated for about 2-3 months is now somehow associated with what goes on at my work. He started to come around the place 4 weeks ago... Fridays only.

    He loves to brag to people about how he met me from years ago and that he got into what I am doing now 2 years before I did. But he only did it for one year!!! So technically that makes me more experienced than him. But I hate that he keeps bragging about it! :mad:

    Plus I can't talk to my fiance about it because he knew this guy from years ago too... but doesn't know I know him or dated him... what would he say!!!??? My fiance is the jealous type...
  4. going back to work after being off for a week! Don't get me wrong i'm happy to have a job just getting back into the same old routine!
  5. Starting work early tomorrow...I usually never start early!
  6. Finding a job. I graduated from law school in May and my job search has not been going well.
  7. Going there tonight.
  8. :faint:
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    The dentist. And I have Benign Positional Vertigo so I get dizzy if I have to lay in the chair. Just the thought of watching TV on the ceiling makes me feel sick. :sick:
  10. Surgery on Wednesday :sad:
  11. good luck hun!:hugs:
  12. Next weekend. I'm not really sure I want to be around these people.
  13. cleaning tomorrow
  14. Packing :/
  15. Busy week ahead