What are you dreading?

  1. The possibility of a speeding ticket coming through the post.

    There is a rational side of me which thinks I wont get one but there is also the paranoid side of me that is convinced I will!!!!
  2. My bar exam results... :hrmm:
  3. Tomorrow.

    Any tomorrow.

    Every tomorrow.
  4. Hurricane season. I dread August and September the most.
  5. Med school starts in less than a monthhh :faint:
  6. going back to work
  7. I scraped a coworkers car with my Jeep door. I am dreading the bill!
  8. Organizing my clothes... it has to happen though.
  9. Giving my speech on Monday, seeing as how I just started writing it today.
  10. Agreed. In a year my life will take a totally different turn.
  11. monday morning
  12. meeting this morning at work
  13. 100° days this week.
  14. Busy work week ahead
  15. Giving my paper seminar presentation - it's not a really well-defined assessment task and the lecturer is not the greatest communicator.