What are you dreading?

  1. restless day
  2. This 12 hour drive

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  3. Dinner with his people :yucky:
  4. telling the BF i broke the screen door getting the treadmill in the front door :cry::sad:
  5. going to work
  6. the heat! its 101 here today but feels like 107 : ( I don't like the heat. Supposed to be the same tomorrow
  7. Getting ready, setting up, for garage sale...then tearing it down
  8. Irritating bumper
  9. Trying to sleep with this horrible cough
  10. Next week's audit.
  11. the swing set and play ground unit we bought for the kids. Its going to take two days at least to put together. When I opened one of the boxes, I pulled out a large bag full of small nails, screws washers etc....Its going to be a tough job. Luckily, we have a few people helping to assemble it.
  12. The lateness....
  13. Running errands after work today.
  14. I have some time consuming and tedious work I have to do at some point this week.
  15. Packing. My BFF is moving and I agreed to help her organize and pack...what was I thinking?!