What are you doing?

  1. I'm drinking a glass of (very cheap and watery and rather awful) Siraz and waiting for an old friend to stop by. I knew buying $4.99 wine wasn't a good idea.

    What are you up to?
  2. i'm trying to write a bio for my online writing class. it's not working so well. i hate discribing myself. hate it.
  3. i,m contemplating whether or not to go to the gym,it's early morning here i've just taken my daughter to school
  4. I'm taking a break from my math homework and eating m&ms.
  5. I'm chatting here and checking my horoscope for the day, and yeeees now I remembered my tea that's already cold.. ...bugger.
  6. I'm checking my email and the PF before getting on with work.
  7. watching korean dramaa..it's not good for me..i know..=p
  8. I woke up at this ungodly hour unable to sleep because I am hungry. I don't feel lik eating breakfast at 4:00 AM so I am trying to keep busy until I get tired enough to fall back to sleep !
  9. It's morning here and I'm getting ready for university and waiting for the postman to bring my bag.
  10. i'm watching my bunny go psycho in her cage.. it's her waking hyper hours.. lol. 2:10am here.
  11. Just woke up to my Violet growling at the new pup and trying to calm and reassure both girls! Lots of jealousy going on around here the last 2 days! Its crazy! ( the new puppy is just gorgeous...sadly Violet is not overly happy and keeps looking at me like I have lost my mind) Hopefully they will be friends in no time! Have a great day ladies!
  12. Sittiting here at the computer, watching Good Morning America while my husband keeps asking me what else we need from the grocery store other than bottled water and diet iced tea as he heads out the door..........
  13. i'm sitting in my 8am crim law class not paying attention and on the PF of course :P
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ! That's funny! Now pay attention!:biggrin:
  15. working, or not working, i guess...