What are you doing tonight?

  1. I'm heading out in a couple of hours to see Strike Anywhere :nuts: :jammin: with bf and some friends.

    What are you up to this fine Saturday evening? :nuts:
  2. LAYing around..Had nasty dental work yesterday and feel like CRAP!..sorry..its da truth...LMAO.

    I made PHH take the kids out all day so I could mope..hee.hee..oh..and ordered something from Fendi while he wasnt around...HEE!HEE!(Amazing how my mouth feels a tad better after I bought a Fendi B-wallet!!LOL!)
  3. Aww, feel better, Jill! :heart: LOL does PHH know about the wallet? I bet it's beautiful :graucho:
  4. yeah, nothing like a little retail therapy to cheer you up! I'm one itchy finger away from ordering my first Fendi but it's sitting in my BG shopping cart as we speak :nuts:

    I digress...this morning i was watching football with the BF and lounging around. Now I'm home, doing laundry, and will be going to a partylite (candle) party at a friend/former co-workers house which is about a 45 minute drive from here. I'm SO excited to see her again and relax with a fun girls night!

    If I wasn't doing that I'd be lounging around watching HOCKEY all evening I'm sure :yahoo:
  5. my boyfriend's friends are coming over for dinner, so i have to play hostess in manner of Bree Van de Kamp (from Desperate Housewives for the soap opera-challenged :P).

    then i'm going to a birthday party for one of the girls in my acappella group :jammin::drinkup::party::tispy::rochard::drinks:
  6. Sleeping. I haven't slept for 24 hours. O_o
  7. hopefully watching the METS win the division series:yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. the very typical...dinner and a movie (the departed).
  9. i'm in pain, i just got back from the gym about an hr ago and my arms HURT.

    Other then that just surfing the forum and vegging.
  10. Watching baseball.
  11. Feel better, Jill!!

    Tonight we are going out to dinner (Outback Steakhouse, I believe) for my fiancee's birthday!!!
  12. Ordering in Japanese and hanging out w/ my hubby and baby.
  13. Just had high tea with a couple of my girlfriends.....got home and hubby cooked us a delicious meal......so we spending the evening together relaxing and eating the yummy food....
  14. I'm going to a Ball~ it's called Black and White ball, hosted in city of Palo Alto, CA, benefitting the education of Palo Alto. This is my first year doing this and I am hoping it will turn out to be a great time!:P
  15. DH and I just got back from a day in Napa Valley. It was gorgeous.
    We brought home some food and whine and are settling in for a cozy
    night catching up on Tivo (LOL!)... Veronica Mars, Kidnapped, Lost.