What are you doing this weekend?

  1. Well, I'm going to have a great weekend.:yes: On Saturday, I'm finally meeting some of the NorCal ladies for our luncheon :nuts: & meet friends for drinks at night. Sunday, is mother's day. I'm going to a Kyliereese's BBQ :biggrin: How about you?

  2. I'm going to my brother's engagement party tomorrow, and then doing the Mother's Day thing on Sunday.
  3. this weekend??? hopefully get some rest! i've quit my 6th day job - so now im a 'normal' person working 5 days only! i'll sleep in, do a spot of window shopping (can't do much REAL shopping - i've just bought 2 new bags!!! ha ha), read my book, watch some telly and pick up my bf from the airport.... oh almost forgot, probably give my Mum a call too! hehehe!

    I hope you girls have a great luncheon!!! i wish i could be there!!! have lots of fun!!!!! weeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeee! bags!!!!
  4. on saturday morning i'm going to have shopping hopefully and in the evening i'm going to a local rock music concert,so i suppose i'll stay up until late.
    on sunday morning i'm going to sleep because a very busy week is waiting for me, and then i'll have lunch out with my mum to celebrate her day!

    lucky you, NorCal ladies:nuts:!!!i wish you good luck for your meeting!i wish i could be there too!!.flowers:
  5. Well, this weekend should be way different from most. I'm going to clean the house. :lol:

    But, a friend is in a craft show, so I'll pop in to see him - he makes purses, how odd that I'd be friends with him! (Yes, he's gay.) Not my style of handbag, but you need to support your friends! And they are cute, so I'll probably pick one up.

    Oh! And I'm going to buy my first Balenciaga! I saw the new lilac color, now I need one! God, I hope it's only one!
  6. going to my in laws

    and doing a ton of work for grad school ie writing papers
  7. Well tonight my kids are going with their grandparents for the weekend. So hopefully my husband and I will spend a Saturday filled with SEX!!!! Yes I said it SEX! Maybe we'll get away for dinner, or maybe we'll eat in! :graucho:

    Then Sunday is mothers day so I'm gonna go pay my mother a visit at the cemetary then head to my inlaws for mothers day.

  8. going to the Our Lady Peace concert tonight. bf's friend got a box for 40 people, so should be a good time. shopping tomorrow and lobster on sunday for mother's day.
  9. I'm going out with friends tonight, taking my dog to the vet on Saturday and doing the Mother's Day thing on Sunday. I have to still buy my mom her gift for Mother's Day so I'll probably do that tomorrow too!
  10. Tonight, nothing. Probably dinner and wine. Tomorrow I have to take my kitty to the vet in the morning, then that night I have to work an event that I've been coordinating since January, I can't wait to get the stupid thing over with.

    Sunday I'm not doing much. I'll call my mom for Mother's Day :heart: hang out at home, do some cleaning :yucky:
  11. Tomorrow I'm supposed to have a few hours at the spa as a Mothers' Day gift from my in-laws. Hopefully this cold that's trying to catch me won't make that unworkable.

    Sunday we're just going to the in-laws in the afternoon and are bringing in dinner from the favorite BBQ joint.
  12. I'm going to an estate sale early tomorrow morning in an attempt to furnish my boyfriend's apartment.

    He's using tupperware containers as tables, and it's driving me crazy:rant:

    I'm also babysitting my sister's dog (which should be fun since I have three chihuahua's and hers is a black lab!)
  13. Dinner for my mom on Saturday. Then visiting my newborn niece and dinner for my mom-in-law on Sunday.

    Happy Mother's Day, gals!
  14. Tonight I'm going to a the Edmonton Oilers playoff hockey game. Tomorrow I have gym, swimming lessons and then work. Sunday I work all day, was supposed to have a Mother's day dinner but both brothers r working.
  15. Working all day saturday - 12 hour shift boo hoo!

    Then Sunday down to the farmers market to get some nice food, then a swim at the pool and lunch with my BF.