What are you doing this Super Bowl Sunday?

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  1. I mean -- are any of us actually WATCHING the Super Bowl right now??

    I'm catching up on some outside-of-class reading. I bought The Classic Ten which traces the history of the cashmere sweater, little black dress, etc.

    But soon I have to write a paper.

    But after graduation this June you know I'll be crying in the real world and begging to go back to college!

    What are you ladies up to?
  2. I wanted to go shopping this afternoon but every mall I went to , it was closed. I went to dinner and I will be watching the commercial and checking up on the purse forum.
  3. We're grilling some hamburgers and watching the game. I'll probably be doing some eBaying and PF posting, too.
  4. I to will be watching the comercials while lying in my fluffy bed, dog curled up next to me, with my sony vaio on my lap blogging...LOVE THIS SITE!!! Happy super bowl!!! I just don't have it in me to go meet my friends at our bar!!! I'm just tooooooo cozy. However Iam dying to carry my new Gucci bag!!! (I bought recently and had it in hiding waiting for my husband to break down and make a big purchase so I could confess my purchase! Last night the opportunity presented itself) So I can finally carry it now!! God how old am I?
  5. i'll be curled up studying trying to ignore how loud my BF will have tv on while watching the game
  6. I will be rooting for my hometown team, the Seahawks.

    Watching these guys lose every Sunday was a huge part of my childhood and my family. This is a good day.
  7. Jane, you're too funny!

    Alright, I have no preference, but I'm rooting for the Seahawks just for you! :nuts:
  8. Blogging here obviously. Hubby went to superbowl/poker party, I don't like football so rather stay home.
  9. absolutely nothing. I should be out partying and drinking or something, BUT. I have a big test tomorrow morning ( and of course I've saved up all my studying for tonight.) So, I'm procrastinating here, and not caring about the superbowl at all ( my pats aren't in it this year, so I'm not interested!) oo, I hope there's a new Desperate Housewives on tonight.
  10. Just found out my bf bet money on the superbowl. I get half of all his winning so now I am paying attention a little bit. Maybe ill get a new pair of shoes!
  11. Project....didn't even get to go out the past week beside school....ahhhhhhhh
  12. The superintendent of the building and her husband have been watching the game.. and been quite loud about it too. So I guess I've only been listening to their cheering and yelling.

    It's too bad I'm not actually interested at all in the game, Detroit's like a 2 hr drive from here.
  13. I was out with friends. I just got back.
  14. i was just out pretending to care and rooting for the Seahawks w/ my BF at a local bar...I don't understand football (nor do i care to) so I made a deal w/ my BF that if i watch this game he will spend all next sunday doing stuff i enjoy...(bag/furniture/home shopping!!!!)
  15. My dad has been sitting in front of the TV the entire day watching, lol. Me, on the other hand, have been sitting in front of the computer wasting countless hours chatting with my boyfriend while he is at work. And now, I'm going to start studying for my astronomy midterm.