What are you doing this summer?!

  1. Hey ladies,
    Well as the title says, what are y'all doing this summer? Are you going on vacation, working, or just spend time at home?:biggrin:

    Me, I am going to Japan to visit my grandparents and other family members. I will be leaving in about 2 weeks and will stay in Japan for about 2 months! I cant wait!:biggrin::flowers:
  2. I'm jealous. I LOVE Japan! I have been there twice and China once. I like Japan a lot more than China. =D

    But this summer I have two shows (one coming up next weekend!... ACK!). And for the first time in three years I'm going on a REAL vacation. Not a work related one. A REAL one! :smile: WAHOO! Can you tell I'm excited?

    We're going to Vegas with my little cousin who is turning 21 and we're staying at the Luxor. I went there last year and LOVED it! But I wasn't there for a vacation like this time.

    I wish I could go back in time and really appreciate my summer vacations. :smile:
  3. My Mom is coming dwon from Canada for 2 weeks...we'll probably lounge around, do some shopping (well not me since I'm on a spending freeze...but Mom loves to hit the outlet malls), and work on some house stuff.
    The remainder of summer will be spent on school stuff and redecorating my house, and also selling on ebay.
    So unfortunately nothing fun going on with me :smile:
  4. Then begining of July Beirut for 2 weeks. From there to Monaco (traditional family "keep em happy" programme- thank goodness I can drive down to Cannes for fun in the evenings) then to Costa Del Sol (family-in-law "keep em happy" programme).

    ...then if I can find the energy I wat to fit in an LA shopping trip. I deserve a break for 4-5 days all to myself!
  5. DH has promised me a trip to S.korea and Club Med in Mauritius this August.
  6. I've been to Europe.. and for the rest of the summer, I'm just lounging around, working out and tanning.

    Here's a link to one of the places I was at, panorama of Vatican City (looking into the square).

  7. Well I am sitting in La Guardia waiting to start my summer in NYC. Work starts tomorrow morning 9 am. Yay???
  8. Congrats! Im sure you are gonna love your new job. Have a great time and be safe.:biggrin::flowers:
  9. Probably going away to my grandpa's house in the Pocono's ,and working!.Hopefully going to get another bag for my collection =D
  10. Caribbean cruise in July, on and off the boat we bought for the rest of the summer
  11. mostly working. just took some time off to write some exams and my bf doesn't have much vacation time, so we'll probably just spend some long weekends at my parent's cottage.
  12. i still haven't planned anything except a week in paris with my best friend:heart:
  13. I love the Poconos. My mother in law and sister in law currently live there in Hawley, in a cute little log cabin. SIL got a job in Seattle (YAY!) so they're moving out here later in the year. I'm SO excited. But hopefully we'll all get to go visit PA again. :biggrin: