What are you doing for the 4th?

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    Just seeing what everyone's got planned for the big 4th of July? I'm trying to get a bunch of my friends to go out in the water and just relax all day.....still convincing...:P
  2. Not doing much during the day...just relaxing. Then going to watch fireworks at a lake by my house at night!
  3. packing since I am heading back to Washington state in several weeks... but also, I am going to Six Flags that same week.. so yipeee
  4. Beaching it baby!
  5. Having a picnic with friends and watching the fireworks.
  6. I'm going up to my cabin for the holiday. Lots of relaxing on the water, shopping, and fishing :o)
  7. Friend's house to swim and cook out. I'm cooking but swimming there. Then we will pop fireworks that night.
  8. Going to the coast to relax, unplug from technology for a few days (really!), enjoy a small beach town's parade and fireworks with my BF. Packing as we speak!!
  9. cook out, relax & go to the lake to watch the fireworks & party the night away!
  10. One of the great things about living 3 blocks from the beach is, well, that you are 3 blocks from the beach. However, since the city puts on a big fireworks show on the 4th, people come from all around to watch and someone will always block our (and everyones on the street) driveway until around midnight. I guess they figure what the heck. So, we stay put and walk down to the show...
  11. the 2nd is me and my bf's 2 yr anniversary. he has work on that day so we're going to celebrate it on the 4th instead. our plan is to watch the devil wears prada( he's watching it for me :heart:), watch fireworks, and eat dinner at our favorite japanese restaurant. i cant wait!!!
  12. Watching a parade and fireworks, and cleaning out our garage- we're trying to get ready for a garage sale in a few weeks- there is so much unused stuff in there...we don't know where to even begin!
  13. Maybe having a party Monday night after work, then sleeping and having a new garbage disposal installed Tuesday. Exciting, I know :P
  14. relaxing and keeping my animals calm.
  15. i'll probaby tag along with hubby to the fire department bbq and then go to the south end (ie less crowded end) of the beach to watch fireworks in the standby ambulance.

    personally fourth of july is one of those holidays i'd skip if possible...fireworks make me nervous. but since the loudness is unavoidable, might as well join in. they banned personal fireworks in town this year, so maybe it'll be less nerve wracking.