What are you doing for New Year's?

  1. Tell me! I need some fun ideas :smile: Thanks!
  2. First I'm going to hang out with some friends, thereafter I'm going to a cocktail party at another friends house downtown.

    Anything goes as long as it'll be a wet night, ahaha.
  3. I'm going out to a club. I'm excited because it's my first NYE being 21!
  4. im having a party at my ski house:yahoo: !!
  5. maybe going to a club and then staying at a hotel, we'll see though
  6. Going out to dinner with family and then afterwards to a party at my cousin's house :smile:
  7. i'm going to LA for a little trip... probably more of a shopping trip. maybe going skiing too.
    i cant balance for nuts though.............
  8. We're having a fairly quiet evening (ha ha) at home with some friends. Mostly eating, drinking, yapping, maybe a poker game, and watching the ball drop on TV.
  9. Going out to dinner and then I think going out on the town maybe.
  10. Boulud's new restaurant opening.
  11. We're supposed to go to my aunt's house, but I rather stay at home.
  12. We are throwing a party at a friend's house and then possibly going out into the French Quarter.

  13. ooohhh soo jealous!!! I LOVE Daniele Boulud!!

    Im going out to dinner with my BF then to a small party with our friends:yahoo:
  14. Staying home with my family, making a good crock pot stew with good bread, a fab desert...cuddling in for the night watching movies and then the ball drop on T.V.

    I know.......:sleepy:
  15. my BF and i are going to my parents house and watching the sugar bowl while having some yummy appetizers. followed by hopefully a yummy dinner and a japanese new year's music special we watch every year :smile: