What are you doing for New Year's Eve?

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  1. i'm going to my friend's party and then sleeping over : )
  2. My mom's b-day is New year's eve so I am gonna hang out w/her in the afternoon (I got her a coach signature duffle, her 1st coach :biggrin:).

    Then my bf and I are going to a party at his parents house. Aftert that I think we are gonna go back to my apartment and just watch some movies or something.

  3. Celebrating the new year with my family and my new saddle :biggrin: It may not be a new year's engagement, but its pretty damn good!
  4. My BF is out of town so I'm spending the evening with my 3 year old granddaugher - she's having popcorn and lemonade and I'm having champagne and caviar - what a great party!!!!! Happy New Year everyone!!
  5. It's raining here in So Cal so looks like I'll be stuck at home with the family watching TV tonight. Wouldn't mind that really beause I get to snuggle up under a warm blanket instead of going out in the freezing cold! lol
  6. Awww, that sounds like fun! It's a girls' night in for you two :biggrin:
  7. the hubby and I will be at home with our bottle of champagne that someone left unopened at our house on Xmas
  8. I so want to do that!! Isn't it cold out today? Brrrrr!

    Instead, we are going over to a friends house for a casual get-together. Pot luck, etc...and the kids can come too. :oh: lol

    Happy New Year everyone! Be safe...
  9. HAPPY NEW 2006 EVERYONE!!! :nuts: :amuse:
  10. Which is also a good choice! :smile:

    We are having a small party among friends.
  11. Spending at my best friend's house in Corpus Christi
  12. have not decided yet
  13. There is still time! :smile:
  14. I'm usually trying to go and hang out with friends, but prepare a lot of food at home as well. I like big companies with fireworks, fun and music... I know some may say that New Year is a family holiday, but I prefer to have a lot of fun that night and spend the whole next day with family
  15. Hahaha..