What are you doing for New Year's Eve?

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  1. What are your plans for this holiday weekend? :biggrin:

    The bf and I are driving up to see some friends who go to the University of Florida. We're going to see a few bands play a show at a small club tomorrow night, drink lots of beer, hang out. Should be fun!

    Please stay safe this weekend, I hope everyone has fun ringing in the New Year! Hopefully there won't be too many of us with hangovers on Sunday :P
  2. ugh...i'm going to a party to celebrate new years eve 1986. which suchs, because i hate dressing up, especially 80ies fashion - it's horrible.
    i think i'll dress up as madonna circa "like a virgin". it's bad, but better than leggings and legwarmers.
  3. We're going to put the young'un to bed, put out some Brie and crackers, crack the nice bottle of champagne Hubby received as a gift, light a fire in the fireplace and probably be asleep by 10pm! We lead such an exciting life. :P

    Actually, we're going to a friend's annual "New Year's Eve Eve" gathering tonight. Usually I don't like to be out on the roads on NY Eve itself...too many drunks.
  4. I usually spend it with family, mostly my mom and dad, but I want to spend it with my beau... it woudl be much more exciting...
  5. no definite plans over here yet.. either attend the family party at my house, go out to the clubs/bars with friends, or do disneyland again like 2 years ago which was nice and relaxing..

    best wishes to everyone for '06. hope we all get the bags we want! hehe.
  6. I'm hoping to go out to a nice club, hear some music, possibly kick up my heels and ring the New Year in!
  7. This will be my first new year's where I am doing nothing exciting. For the past few years, I have gone to Atlanta stayed at the Ritz with a bunch of friends and several times gone to see our favorite band perform. This year I am staying on the west coast in San Francisco. My boyfriend and I bought two bottles of our fave Veuve Cliquot and will take them to the roof top cabanas at our condo and watch fireworks off the bay. I just hope it isnt raining.
  8. I think something like that happened on Laguna Beach.
  9. ha wanna know what i'll be doing to celebrate the new year? avoiding downtown Atlanta...

    my boyfriend and i went last year to the Peach Bowl (we're both huge college football fans) to root for Miami to beat Florida (and time we can root against UF, we're there) and then we went to Underground Atlanta and watched the peach drop (our version of the ball, lol) but it was packed to the gills because the bowl game let out of the Georgia Dome just in time and i really thought i was going to have my purse snatched. it was a lot less fun than the game.

    i'm still trying to locate tickets for the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 2 to watch my beloved Dawgs play.
  10. well im doing nothing :smile:

  11. I dont remember that episode, I am not sure what you are talking about- oh steven taking krisitn to see fireworks on some cliff, that wasnt new years but it was off the bay.
  12. that was so nice...
  13. Sounds sooooo familiar! The kids to bed, dinner for the two of us, a movie and bed at about 12:05am.
  14. we came down to our condo in Bend oregon and there are 4 families with kids from 10 to 20 and we are skiing the day away and then a great prime rib dinner for 16. we rarely make it until midnight but now that the kids are getting older they help keep us awake.
  15. Even though I live in NY I'm not going anywhere near Times Square. Been there. Done that. A bunch of us are going to a club near the water for dinner, dancing, etc. Should be fun. I wish all of you a healthy and happy New Year...... and the bag of your dreams!