What are you deciding, girls?!

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  1. So... i'm not sure if this list is all that's avail. but I do know that this is what Pulse will be getting in, and since I feel very loyal to Pulse i'm trying to finalize (even though it's so early) what it is that I really want and what would look best in each print.

    Tutti: Aventura, Zucca, Bambinone, Denaro, Ciao, Gioco, Bambino, Dolce, Scuola, Cucciolo, Campeggio, Canguro, and Ciao Ciao

    Transporto: Denaro, Canguro, Bambino, Ciao, Dolce, Campeggio, Zucca, Gioco, Ciao Ciao, Scuola, Cucciolo, and Aventura

    Vacanze: Ciao Ciao, Scuola, Cucciolo, Buon Viaggio, Gioco, Zucca, Campeggio, Bambinone, Stellina, Dolce, Ciao, Bambino, Portatelefono, Canguro, and Denaro

    In Tutti I think i'm confident with getting an Aventura. It's supposed to be like the BV but bigger and I think the mesh pockets would kick ass with this print.

    For Trasporto I think i'm safe with a Campeggio. Since it's not so much of a "scene" print, I don't have to worry about the pockets on the Campeggio interfering with the print. My only concern though is how big the Campeggio is going to look. I'm sure it would look cool as a school bag, but I don't want to look like I just came from school when i'm out shopping or doing whatever!:roflmfao:

    For Vacanze, i'm still trying to decide if I even want something. Knowing myself, i'll probably end up getting something since it is the last print... I would have said Carmella, but it's not on the above list.. and I already have a Porta and don't want to repeat any bag styles... AND since it is a scene, maybe a ciao ciao?? Since i'll get a really good amt. of the print on there.. but then again, is a ciao ciao too much to pay for a bag I only want because it's the last one?? I do like the penguins though... and the momos... maybe a denaro?

    hahahahaha what's everyone else planning on?
  2. In Trasporto I preordered a Zucca and a Denaro. In Vacanze I preordered a bambinone. I'm hoping that will be enough to fit what I want on the bags lol.
  3. I pre-ordered a denaro, ciao ciao, and BV in both trasporto and vacanze and also a stellina in vacanze.

    Is the MM really discontinued for these 2?
  4. i have preordered nothing!!

    since so many people preordered who knows if i will get one!


    will lesportsac get these in? or only dept stores? guess ill have to charge send or have someone CP it
  5. it's not too late to pre-order
  6. Just outta curiousity, are you guys still gettin the 15% off discount on pre-orders with pulse?
  7. well here's my plan..but knowing me i'll probably hella change my mind later on...

    trasporto: gioco for sure...ciao and bambino simply cuz i love the bag styles...maybe a caramella/bambinone elsewhere

    vacanze: gioco, zucca, ciao and bambino..i'm basically getting all the bag styles i love...n i want a caramella and adventuro too!
  8. Knowing i can cancel, i pre-ordered:

    Tutti: Denaro/Ciao
    Famiglia: Denaro/Ciao
    Trasporto: Denaro/Ciao/Adventura.. i need something bigger than a BV for travel at work!
    Vacanze: Denaro/Ciao/Zucca/BV

    oh yeah, and caramella outside of pulse! =)
  9. Famiglia: Zucca, and Dolce or Bambinone
    Trasporto: Denaro?
    Tutti: Gioco
    Vacance: Zucca, Denaro and Dolce or Bambinone
  10. trasporto - preordered a campeggio

    vacanze - preordered a zucca and a ciao (cancelled my mom's zucca cuz she said she'd kill me if i didn't .. lol)

    and the question about 15% off on pre-orders ... I've actually never heard of that happening? I've pre-ordered before and there was no 15% off so I dunno what that is .... :shrugs:
  11. id like to know what are the colors inside the new bags...
    i wanna preorder something in transporto, vacanze wont get here on time :sad:
    maybe a ciao... and i want a vacanze gioco. and maybe a tutti porta since i dont have any. this is confusing... :wtf:
  12. Dang, kind of very dissapointed in the Transporto. I thought it was going to be a lot cuter when I heard Adios and Ciao Ciao were skating hand in hand haha. Except in the midst of typing this I grew to liking it haha.

    Well here's my current list:
    Transporto Bella - (I think the black zippers will match SO well with the print), and a Denaro. I don't htink I'm going to get this in a bigger size.
    Tutti - Bambino/Dolce (something smaller), this print looks really intense for me haha. Maybe a Canguro? I think the Mesh would look cool!
    Famigilia - Bracialetto, or Stellina. It's cute, just I don't have that much to go with tan.
    Vacanze - CIAO. So cute. I can't wait for this. And probably a denaro with either penguins or adios snowboarding.
  13. I'm waiting to pick one in person (probably at Macy's Herald Square), but this is what I'll look for.
    Famiglia: I was dead set on nothing, but I might like a Zucca for my fall/winter psuedo-proper work bag.
    Tutti: Zucca or Gioco, possibly also Canguro
    Trasporto: maybe Gioco if I don't get it in Tutti?
    Vacanze: NOTHING. totally don't like it. Bah humbug!
  14. Tutti: Bambinone, Ciao, Caramella, Aventura

    Vacanze: Ciao, Bambinone, Caramella.
  15. I believe its a large version of the BV, for $210.