what are you currently wait listed for? and how many different wait list are you on?

  1. me, baby coco cabas, and too many to remember, i've called everywhere and left my phone# and name on different SA's wait list...in a few cases even CC number.
  2. i have fingers and toes crossed you'll get it!:yahoo:
    i am only at my NM waitlisted for the bronze cotton club. it's actually no rush bc i have plenty of chanel to keep me busy until i get it, but i'll be thrilled when i do!:love:
  3. Just one - Sak's for either an Expandable Tote or Flap in black ...

    saw the tote IRL today at the Chicago Boutique - Beautiful! Love the chain handles, nice size for an everyday bag, wish it was just a wee bit shorter as it is more N/S shaped than I thought from the pics ... waiting to see the Flap IRL before deciding
  4. I'm on two lists for a baby cabas myself...I can't decide over the dark silver and the black :push:

    The waiting is pure TORTURE!! My SA said that I should be getting a black cabas in a few weeks, and the other SA said the Cabas will be coming in their store in April/May...that's too long for me to wait!!
  5. for Naked tote: Saks Boca, Neimans Boca, Saks Bala Cynwood, Las Vegas Chanel, NM San Diego, Saks Beverly Hills, Chanel boutique Bal Harbour, Chanel boutique Palm Beach, Chanel Boutique Palm Beach Gardens

    denim Coco Cabas - Saks Boca, Neimans Boca, Saks Bala, Vegas Chanel, Chanel Bal Harbour, Chanel Himalaya Mountains, Chanel Palm Beach, Neimans Squirrel River
  6. For Red Caviar Jumbo - Saks and Chanel.

    At Nordstrom - Expandable flap and tote.

    Now how am I going to explain this all to DH? LOL.
  7. My wait list item arrived! The blue CC tote! It is on the way along with the light brown Square Vintage tote. I'll have them on Wednesday. My plan is to pick the one that suits me best, but I'm betting I'll keep them both...
  8. The Rock & Chain... and maybe something else. I can't remember. Whatever is large, fits on the shoulder and comes in black. :shrugs:

    takeoutbox, I have been meaning to tell you... you start great threads by asking really interesting questions! :yes:
  9. :shame: thanks, i'm flattered that you enjoy my threads
  10. Black patent leather Luxe Bowler....
  11. Expandable flap in black & white.
    Timeless Clutch in black lambskin.
    Black GST with Silver Hardware.
    Black CC tote.
  12. :love: :love: i must see pics when you get your jumbo!
  13. Expandable flap bag in white and black
    Silver cotton club tote
    Red jumbo lambskin (new chain)
  14. Red & Black Caviar Jumbo w/ new chain
  15. Just one....black Jumbo lambskin with that new chain.