what are you currently searching for on EBAY?

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  1. i know we all probably have one or two things that we are waiting to find on ebay. What's your "hunt" item? (i hope i'm not the only one who checks daily to see if i can find my hunt items!) :P

    i'm currently looking for LV Gina sunglasses in gold and Chanel Gray caviar Maxi, ahh!

    how about you?
  2. I have a search saved for all Linea Pelle Dylan bags, especially olive and teak with brass hardware. I missed out on these first time around! :smile:

  3. Good thread! Imma hunter!

    I always search for MK bags. Most wanted is a patent bag in a deep red. I shoulda bought when I saw it. :idea:
  4. I was searching for Celine bags and I had to laugh at the number of bags that showed up with Celine Dion's face printed on them. Not quite what I was looking for :lol:
  5. Right now I'm looking for some pucks for our air hockey table. It's hard to find the right size!
  6. Marc Jacobs stam, Mulberry oversized alexa and awesome things for my puppies
  7. That sheer tulle Marc Jacobs dress that is full length and has the black on the trim of the ruffles.
  8. nail polish!!!
  9. That's so funny!

  10. too funny!!
  11. I am all over the map!!!!! I am looking for a caviar or lambskin pumpkin colored Chanel bag. I don't care if it is a mini, m/l or jumbo! I just have to have something orange in my collection!!! It is so difficult to find one in good condition at a reasonable price! Also, some unique vintage Chanel necklaces.
  12. LV Mahina XL, Noir or Bronze! :love:
  13. New case for my iphone!
  14. christmas lights (vintage)
  15. 1. Woman's pirate costume
    2. Tano Tumbleweed Bag
    3. Northface winter coat