what are you currently lemming for?

  1. come on now..every girl wants something or planning on buying something in the near future..what is it!!
  2. I want/planning to get..
    those crackled pewter flats!
    and those flip flops with the huge flower on it, if its available in my bloomies theres no stopping me..
    Legacy pond wristlet
    conversation hearts keychain and then take the the cell strap off my westie fob and use it for a cellphone dangler
    something signature striped..either the skinny or the wristlet..
  3. I am thinking legacy pond wristlet or a black leather hobo from the outlet.
  4. Pond wristlet or the White with pink hamptons mini tote, I love using those when I camp. All I can find are ones on eBay, waiting to see if I find anything at the outlets in a few weeks.

    I am loving my Legacy so not craving another bag yet...kinda like that feeling!!
  5. I NEED:
    Black Coach Flats for work

    I WANT:
    A Legacy wristlet, prefer Rose but don't think I will be able to find one, dont even know if they made it in that color, so if I can't find one, another color which I haven't chosen yet.

    A Charm to match my whiskey Shoulder

    Thats the only two things on my Coach wishlist now, I may get a juicy charm instead. My big item is the Denim LV, but that is going to take a month or two to save up for.
  6. Coach - some sort of shoulder tote...possibly the khaki/white signature stripe one (new)

    non-coach - a North Face Khumbu Fleece, size Medium, in Black. IMPOSSIBLE to find!
  7. Large leather Carly either in black or parchment.....I can't decide, oh and a new wristlet, minnie skinny, keyfob, flats, ponytail scarf, new checkbook wallet........and the list goes on and on and on...............

  8. SAME HERE! I am so impressed with my Legacy that i don't feel like I need anymore bags anytime soon. The Denim is just something I have wanted for a real long time and since I won't be buying anymore Bags I can finally save up for it.

    :wlae: Go Legacy:wlae:
  9. I was planning to get a legacy whiskey wristlet (l LOVE the legacy line), but I just bought a Balenciaga bag, so I might have to wait a while. :sad:
  10. Shoulder Tote..(dark brown)
  11. Zoe clutch in white/black!!!

    Perhaps a wristlet in pond, but will try to hold out on purchases as long as possible (must . . . resist . . .purse)
  12. LOL Chugs, I'm thinking of getting the legacy pond just because I bought a ink bal!
  13. *sigh* See list below... but definately the pond shoulder bag, in addition to a bbag and the anna corinna in plum....:sad:
  14. I really want a signature demi and I am curious about the new scribble. I also want the Katelyn sneakers and the flower charm.
  15. ACK! forgot about wanting another charm!