What are you currently coveting?

  1. Anything that you're really dying for?
    It can be ANYTHING, shoes, out of price range purse you've always wanted. . . .
  2. Where should I begin??? hahaha...

    I am dying for the Chanel Medallion tote, chloe flats and the Cartier Roadster watch with a pink face.
  3. I am dying for a bright red Jumbo Classic Flap like Mary-Kate Olsen's. I just can't get it out of my head!
  4. the lady braid in black, thanks to imgg!
  5. the baby cabas...can't wait to get my hands on it!!
  6. ^^ Me too macp! And a Black Modern Chain flap bag too. GAH!!!
  7. :drool: TDF alligator classic reissue in beige or black:drool:
  8. The Bordeaux Reissue, like this one owned by Chloe_concord. Saw one in NYC in August and shoulda bought it....And something from the Lady Braid line, I think, plus a Grand Shopping Tote and a Jumbo Reissue in black w/ gold hardware.
  9. The baby Cabas in bronze
    Another luxe bowler - maybe in dark blue?

    A lottery win to buy them!!
  10. Ditto!
  11. :roflmfao: That will do it!
  12. black and white logo huge cuff and pearl necklace like Mischa Barton's
  13. for me it's just a medium classic flap, black, in lamskin with silver hardware.:shame:
    That will be my very first-
    Not there yet, I "have" to focus on getting my LVs.....and here I click back to LV forum.....see you soon:love:
  14. A white medium classic flap or east-west in cavier.