What are you craving from their winter line!

  1. Alright so what are you rushing to get as we speak or ahem...talking to your SO to get you for christmas?:yahoo:
  2. I want so many mini skinnies! haha. I want the pink lurex, mahogany patent and the beaded ones! The only bag I'm craving right now is a Marc by Marc Jacobs one (Teri!) and I get it in a couple weeks!!
  3. Everything Holiday patchwork. Im into doing Collages so patchwork was made for me ;]
  4. ^^LOL sprinkles! I told myself I only wanted a small wristlet for when I go on walks with my dog.. but I want one of those bigger ones! AND it has gold hardware..that suede number in hazel... And one of those beaded skinnies!! cant decide if I want the black or brown though..
  5. I like the scarf print wristlet. I think. And a bracelet.
  6. The scafs themselves are cute. I might just have to get a matching scarf and hat set :smile:
  7. The Pink Lurex wristlet. Already told my mom i wanted it. I also want the beaded mini skinny!
  8. i wish i still lived in ohio- then i'd have an excuse to buy the hats/scarves/gloves...
    but, i'm looking at the gallery totes right now...can't decide which!
    AND all the mini skinnies! those are all SO adorable!
    and the new star keyfob.
    and i'm thinking about the 1/2" bangle...but i HATE gold...so, maybe not...
  9. I'm going to tell my mom I want that pink poofball keychain- just to watch her freak when she sees it's nearly $100.
    Of course it's mink, but yeah.
  10. Girl! I hated gold & then I realized my entire bag collection has brass hardware! haha. The new star is soooo cute IMO! You should move back to ohio and then come take trips to visit me and we can oogle at new things not out yet and you can buy ergo stuff!

    Aarti! This is the whistle necklace BTW

  11. ^^Thats so cute, I have to ask for that for xmas!!
  12. See! I knew you would love ittttttt!
  13. LOL I may not be able to wait till december! I love the new colors of the stripes. I'm thinking should I exchange the legacy scarf for the oblong? I have one of each from the outlet, and I like the oblong better in my hair, but that may be just because of the color..?
  14. ooh! If you like oblong scarves, I would totally exchange! The new striped one with the signature is soooooo cute! I love the ponytail scarf but the oblong seems more practical.
  15. i have actually passed on quite a few bags, just because they had brass. i just can't stand it! (maybe that will change when i finally get a ring...hehehe...one day!)
    and you are going to HAVE to take pics of that ergo stuff, because it's going to tempt me...
    i wish someone lived near me so we could drool over coach together...:sad: