what are you craving from their spring line?

  1. Now that the holidays are over and hopefully your wallets are brimming with extra holiday cash/gift reciepts.. What do you like/are planning to get?
  2. I like the carly pouch, and the tan leather.

    I'm planning to get a cell fob and another key chain in either the lip or hearts, can't decide.

    Maybe the flip flops and ballet flats later on.
  3. ehhhh...maybe the pond satchel? and some shoes?
  4. I love the Carly pouch in black! I'm also feeling the Signature Soft Duffle in brown, and the soho sig. flap in light blue. I still want the Legacy shoulder bag and wristlet in whiskey, too. Oh... and some of the madison scarf print stuff.
  5. I would like the hamptons leather stripe wristlet, hamptons mini skinny, and a new hobo! Problem is I am supposed to be on a purse ban! Do the accessories count?
  6. I love the pond wallet & satchel!! I'm am also 100% getting that love charm - so cute!! possibly the sig. stripe tote in khaki/punch or black/silver... Can't decide!! ( Ok... I know the black combo was already out, but it's still a toss up!)
  7. Loving the Punch signature stripe...either lips keyfob or the cute flower one.
  8. I just went to the outlets and got a few things. I haven't shopped at the retail store yet.
  9. The love & lips charms are definately on my list. I like the signature soft duffle with the blue trim and the hampton's stripe duffle in khaki/saddle. I also like the leather carly hobos, especially camel. Wouldn't mind another mini skinny either.

    serendipity, I think purse bans are only for purses... accessories don't count... LOL! (I say this so that when I go on a purse ban I'll have someone to talk me out of it!) :graucho:
  10. serendipity of course accessories don't count! two totally different catagories! like oranges and watermelons.

    i am getting the cell conversation hearts fob and thinking on which charm and key fob I should get off the lips and conversation hearts. also thinking about the sandals later on..
  11. legacy shoulder tote in black and/or the signature shoulder tote in white/khaki when it comes out
  12. I actually didn't see anything that I need to have. But maybe I'll discover something later on. This may be blasphemy in this forum, but I think I'm done collecting Coach for a while. I really feel like I have enough bags to last me for quite some time.
  13. I want a Carly bag!!!
  14. I love the shoes featured; too cute.
  15. -Carly Pouch
    -Signature Demi in Punch
    - Soft Duffle

    and some accessories