Food What are you cooking tonight!?


Aug 31, 2014
Not tonight but this morning. I've been exploring various bean pastes from the international grocery store - and Wegman's Tom Tom sauce which is a spicy miso paste (I don't know how Wegman's does it sometimes. They work hard to capture food or flavors, I just wish I lived near one where the majority of shoppers bought similar foods to keep them on the shelf).

I made grits this morning with butter and a splash of half&half. Added a teaspoon of the spicy bean paste, crushed red pepper and spicy creole seasoning with fresh bacon crumbles in the bowl.

OMG!. I think I can categorize this as an umami meal to start my day.

I love grits and all kinds of rice (you cannot take SC out of the girl). I image this is similar to a rice porridge with bean paste added in flavor quotient.

Going to try this with an XO sauce once I find a good one.

I've eaten grits for dinner and look forward to this as an evening meal maybe in the fall.
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Feb 9, 2019
A simple recipe: Cauliflower florets sautéed in oil with garlic slices and a few chili peppers. The key is to keep the cauliflower florets on the slightly crisp side. I will sprinkle it with whatever herbs I have in the fridge and maybe eat it over pasta or rice, not sure yet. Improvising as I go! :biggrin:
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