What are you cooking tonight!?

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  1. Post your dinner meals here!
  2. Pepper pork chop, with rice and veg.
  3. chili veg
  4. Not sure, yet..
  5. Well look at that, new thread....

    Tonight is pulled pork sandwiches and chips. Have a high school graduation to go to so it needs to be easy.
  6. potato/rosemary pizza w/salad

  7. Making grilled tilapia, cauliflower mash & mixed steamed veggies.
  8. Seafood curry baked rice.
  9. Grilled kobe burgers
  10. sunday: loaded salad
  11. Grilled pork chops, brown rice & grilled zucchini.
  12. soft shell crabs, corn on the cob & loaded salad
  13. Italian chicken, rice, asparagus
  14. crayfish pasta and loaded salad
  15. Going out for sushi with friends.