What are you cooking tonight?

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  1. We are ordering Chinese tonight. :woohoo:
  2. Tonight I am making Brazilian Shrimp Stew. The recipe is on Epicurious. It is soooooooooo good. I can't wait! Also, I am about to make some scones with cinnamon and cappuccino chips. Yum!
  3. Stuffed shells, grapes and blueberries for the kiddies, date night for hubby and me!
  4. Homemade tomato sauce with just olive oil, salt, plum tomatoes and lots of garlic served over cheese raviolis, salad and garlic bread. Oh and I might just have to have a Bacardi Big Apple while it's cooking!:p
  5. garlic shrimp pasta. my boyfriend's favorite dish.
  6. These pics are late; they're from Easter! But I made pork tenderloin with shallots and asparagus with a mustard vinagrette, and for dessert I made an almond pound cake with an almond glaze. Yummy!


  7. ^^^yum!!!!
  8. OMG. How fabulous is that??? Posting pics of our food! That's great! I will do the same!!!!:yahoo:
  9. That looks delicious, lori!!!

    I think we will just order a pizza tonight:graucho:
  10. fried catfish, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, fresh honeydew melon, rolls
  11. lori, that cake looks sooo good!!

    tonight I made parmesan chicken (parm shakenbake with fresh grated parm on top -- no tomato sauce though), green beans, and caesar salad. I was craving salad, which means I've been eating bad!!
  12. Here's what I made tonight. Shrimp with couscous. The recipe also has carrots, peas, leeks and shallots. It was very yummy. I got the recipe from the Martha Stewart website.

  13. my mom's making porridge for me! :drool:
  14. I want some of Twin53's dinner! :biggrin:

    I made mushroom soup tonight! Er kinda winged it and made up my own, but it turned out pretty well! Here's an idea of the recipe if anyone wants it (mind you I don't have exact measurements >_>)

    -Small container of ****ake mushrooms, chopped roughly, some pieces left long, some small, for variety
    -Same goes for a container of Baby Bella mushrooms
    -One BIG portobella mushroom, chopped roughly, some pieces left decent sized
    -One package of porcini and one package of chanterelle mushrooms, reconstituted in two cups of hot water (save the water!!!!)
    -3 celery stocks, chopped
    -3 carrots, chopped
    -half of a big vidalia onion, chopped
    -half of a leek, chopped
    -half of a large shallot, chopped
    -one clove of garlic, minced
    -Hungarian paprika
    -dried parsley
    -red pepper
    -bit of dried rosemary
    -Pint of heavy whipping cream
    -most of a stick of butter
    -Beef stock
    -The mushroom water
    -All purpose flour

    Cook all veggies, sans mushrooms, in large soup pot in all of butter and a bit of extra virgin olive oil. Add all spices on top, to taste. Cook until just tender. Add mushrooms, and continue to cook and stir until mushrooms are soft. Add 4-5 tablespoons of flour and whisk quickly. To this, add entire pint of cream, all of the mushroom water, and around two cups (maybe a bit more) of beef stock. Allow to boil up for a couple minutes, then reduce to low heat and allow to cook for 20 minutes, more if you prefer it (until it has thickened a bit, essentially). Add more salt and pepper to taste!
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