What are you cooking tonight?

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  1. pulled pork BBQ...I think
  2. Peruvian green rice with chicken
  3. got lazy...grilled chicken on a salad
  4. Shrimp scampi.
  5. mussels, pasta & salad
  6. Grilled salmon and a vegatable mix.
  7. went out for cajun...shared smoked fish dip, fried pickles, boiled crawfish, & shrimp & grits
  8. Grilled chicken breasts, couscous & steamed veggies.
  9. roasted salmon, japanes potato fries & salad
  10. finally making the pulled pork BBQ
  11. grilled chicken to put on a salad
  12. Went to a b-day party.
  13. fries with mushroom gravy, veggie pattie and spinach salad with goat cheese, caramelized waltnuts and balsamic/mustard dressing - sunday junk!
  14. This sounds soooo delicious!!!
  15. Not sure..craving seafood though..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.