What are you cooking tonight?

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  1. steak, salad & steak fries
  2. Cream of Shrimp soup made from scratch cause I had the time :biggrin:

  3. Old fashioned fried chicken, caprese salad, slaw
  4. Big chicken salad with a lot of veggies and a roll

  5. That looks so good...

    Had a picnic in the park...had turkey & swiss sandwich, fresh fruit & one chocolate chip cookie
  6. pasta with tomato-eggplant sauce
  7. sofst shell crabs w/salad
  8. Picking up a salad..
  9. sofst shell crabs w/salad
  10. roasted chicken and vegetables
  11. going to brother/SIL's for dinner
  12. We are having Burnt Sugar Pork Roast with Orange Confi...I made it a couple of weeks ago and I cant wait to have it again. I made it with an orange brandy sauce to go over the rice and peppers. AWESOME!!!! I love to cook and have tons of super easy recipes to share...just ask me and I'll send them to ya. Oh I forgot my "little chocolate cakes" for desert with fresh whip cream...
  13. probably potstickers or pizza
  14. Baked salmon, Spanish rice, and zucchini
  15. This looks really tasty! I love creamy soups!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.