What are you cooking tonight?

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  1. I can do this thread today because I am making a fabulous dinner instead of last night (went out) and tomorrow night (going out.) :smile:

    I am making crab cakes with a delicious and manageable recipe (but they look and taste divine), green beans, and pasta. I make a raspberry vinaigrette that is so easy/tasty to go on mixed greens topped with roasted pecans. This is my standard "gourmet" meal that I treat hubby with when he has been especially sweet.
  2. we are going to have shrimp and veggie stir fry with white rice, egg rolls and steamed dumplings.

    "Fun food" for watching the Office.
  3. going out to eat tonight. shabu shabu :smile:
  4. nada.. i'm going to my aunt's house for my cousins birthday celebration :graucho:
  5. i will be making a pasta and sausage thing...really yummy and really easy!!
  6. I'm making spicey chicken wings and salad and veggies!!! I'm sooo hungry! :biggrin:
  7. I think I am going to make some red beans and rice with sausage. Although I do have some whole wheat pasta, so batgirl may have inspired me to do that instead! At any rate, something with sausage.
  8. Broiled spice-rubbed salmon and steamed sugar snap peas. Yum :smile:
  9. Okay, here is what I ended up making: I sauted Italian sausage (without the casing) and then added an onion. After the onion was soft, I added some hot sauce. I threw in some left-over brown rice and stirred in some Campbell's Select Southwestern Corn Soup (creamy but with pieces of corn and peppers). It was very tasty and a good use of things I had sitting around.
  10. We are going to have Garlic Roasted Vegetable tossed with Penne & Feta Cheese. It's kinda in between Italian & Greek. Oh, so good. I am also going to bake garlic bread sticks from scratch. We just love garlic. At last but not at least, Tiramisu for desert. Salad is going to be tossed with Blue Cheese Vinaigrette Dressing.
  11. Tonight we had pork chops, green beans and corn. A dinner straight out of the 1950s!
  12. I'm making beef shish kabob with white rice and steamed vegetables. Actually, it's my lunch for tomorrow. I cook my lunch the night before so I can brown bag. I am SO SICK of ordering out so this has been a nice break from all that.
  13. bitter melon stir fry with rice and egg rolls :biggrin:
  14. HaHa! You? Last night I make Meatloaf, homemade scalloped potatoes and fresh green peas - It was like a homemade TV Dinner:nuts: but soooo good! Mmmmmm comfort food.
  15. Last night for dinner: I sauteed some portabella mushrooms, steamed a few ears of corn and some carrots, made up a spinach/bosc pear/sweet-salty roasted pecan salad with honey vinaigrette, reheated a garlic roasted chicken I'd purchased from the store earlier that day. Yummy dinner!

    Tonight...not sure yet...
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