What are you carrying today?

  1. Today I carried my MJ stone Pocket Satchel with a small colorful silk scarf tied to one handle. How about you?
  2. My Sophia. Lol.
  3. MJ Pocket Sachel in Tomatoe
  4. My Blake in peacock.
  5. My Large Multipocket in Ferrari. :heart:
  6. I've been cleaning all day and only ran to the store for drinks...so I just took my black zip clutch. :heart:
  7. ^^^Taking her out on the town!!!

    I used my large black MP today. It felt GOOOOOOD. My neighbor was fawning all over it...she said, "Can I TOUCH it?!" :lol:

    But tonight I'm carrying a little black no-name satin pochette for a party. :happydance:
  8. Nice bag! I saw one on eBay, very pretty. I'm bidding on an almond pocket satchel myself. Anyhoo, I carried my Peacock Blake today.
  9. Peacock Blake Saturday!!
  10. ^^:wlae: YAY!!!:wlae:
  11. My multipocket in washed rose.
  12. I'm carrying the Deborah in black.
  13. Just my Emerald ZC, in my grenat city...
  14. im carrying my marc by marc jacobs purple bag that i will post pictures of in about 1 min
  15. My Sophia in White.