What are you carrying for Thanksgiving?

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  1. So which of your bags is going to be the lucky one to go to Thanksgiving dinner? And do you choose your bag to 1) go with what you are wearing, 2) impress the rest of the family and/or 3) downplay how obsessed you are with bags when you are surrounded by family who thinks you are crazy!?

    I haven't figured out what I'll be carrying so I'll post my answer tomorrow.
  2. Last night I was at a charity dinner and brought my new LV mizi. My sister -in-law totally embarassed me by screaming about my new obssesion with bags. Then some woman named trudy who sat next to my husband last year at the same event said that she thought my bag was too big! Then she was telling me about knock -offs in new York- gross! I told her big bags are in. My sister -in-law in the meantime has at least 12 bottega venetas and one hermes I know of- she should talk. This thanksgiving I am definately sticking to my old reliable black nylon prada from college.
  3. I'm cooking so I won't be carrying anything but plates of food. ;)
  4. We are having thanksgiving dinner here so I won't be doing much most of the day, but if I decide to go shopping I'll probably take out my red dior saddle, since I'll be shopping at Dior and I want to see if it matches the new shirt and shoes I want to buy :biggrin:
  5. My new LV :love: Although I brought three different bags with me (I'm in South Florida celebrating Thanksgiving with my family), I think I will be carrying that one for most of the weekend.
  6. I'm going to be with some family I don't see all the time - So, I'll be wearing my new IF Audra with metallic copper strappy sandles (I'm in Miami) jeans, shirt and a killer belt - Feeling good about looking good!!!! Hope everyone has a great day!
  7. I'll be taking my Chocolate Spy out to play on Thanksgiving:smile: Going over to my fiance's brother's house. We made dinner and we are bringing it over to his house, go figure?? Hopefully the SIL doesn't hate on my bag...she's a hater, as always. :suspiciou
  8. Ditto. Only 13 people this year, down from 17 last year! :wacko:
  9. I ended up taking my bronze Mulberry Roxanne. Not because I thought about it. Just because I was running late and it was already stocked since I carried it yesterday! Tomorrow, I am promising myself, I'm going to carry something I've never carried before. Now....just to decide which one....
  10. You seriously have bags that you haven't carried yet? What designer and style? Decisions, decisions, you lucky girl!! :P
  11. I actually only have two(!) that haven't seen anything other than the inside of my closet -- a black fringed mini Hogan shopper and a Tanner Krolle rabbit fur (I know, I know....) hobo. The Hogan is more of an evening bag so that's not today's bag. I think I'll take out the Tanner Krolle. Its certainly cold enough in NYC for fur today (yes, yes, if you feel fur is appropriate under any circumstances.....).
  12. I'm not one to judge anyone's fashion tastes. :P I'll be it's beautiful.