1. are you giving yourself a gift this year?

    if so? what is it?

    i don't know what i want, but love these coach boots.

  2. I brought myself the Union Jack Chanel flap
  3. A pair of Gucci sandals or one of their sterling silver pendants. Or, maybe a Prada umbre patent leather laptop bag.
  4. I bought myself a pair of black patent leather louboutins and then felt bad and returned them.. =(
  5. I want a Tassimo coffee maker...those ones that are for 1 person....you can make tea, hot chocolate, coffee, espresso. Our coffee machine pot just broke. I hate that!
  6. allierichie, the little one in your av is just adorable!:girlsigh:

    I'm debating whether or not I should get a LV Speedy 35. I've worked hard this year and I feel I deserve it. The only problem is, thinking my money might better spent on something else...:s
  7. all day at the spa with facial, mani/pedi and massage
  8. dont know yet...
    maybe some nice earings...
    used to be a no brainer... a PURSE!
    but somehow I dont think I want anything in particular at the moment...
  9. a purse and a clarasonic skin machine
  10. a Philips Wake Up light.

    and I'm considering a clarasonic, but I've just found a regime that seems to work for my skin so I don't know yet.
  11. This year I want to buy either a new laptop or a fancy bag (Marc Jacobs or possibly LV). I haven't decided yet...

    I always get money from relatives to buy myself gifts and I usually put it into checking and just spend it on a bunch of random stuff. This year I want one really nice gift for myself!
  12. THe Tivoli, Gucci Joey, and a visit to get my botox and restylene filled up!
  13. I would like a Macbook..but I can't afford it right now.

    I want to check out the Peppermint Dish Soap at William Sonoma.
  14. I already bought mine ;) balenciaga bordeaux city bag.

    maybe pick up some new MAC colors too
  15. I would like to buy myself a beautiful BBAG for my birthday and one for christmas:graucho: