What are you buying with your 25% off discount?

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  1. I have been away from Coach for a while now, ever since I got into Louis Vuitton this spring, but I still only have three LV bags. Coach was my first higher-end bag, and while I am not as into it as I once was, I do love the scarves and accessories, etc.

    But then I got the most recent 25% off card, and decided to browse around today to see if there is anything that will make it worth my while. I knew I wanted a leather bag, and I really wanted something with that hot legacy lining... So I decided, I MUST HAVE THIS!!



    Reminds me a little of a Chloe, but I actually went over to the Chloe boutique in Bloomingdale's right after checking out this satchel, and I PREFERRED the Coach! Particularly since I will be buying it for one thousand dollars less than a Paddington. And it has way more room inside, easier to carry, etc.

    Can't wait for Saturday!
  2. If I don't get a PCE 25% off coupon, I'll just ask my SA Kerry at the Fair Oaks store, if she'll give me 25% off. I really want the legacy signature denim shoulder bag and of course accessories.
  3. Yeah you can always just ask for one, esp if you know your SA. They don't care -- they just want you to spend money ;) They are still making a profit, just not as much.

    My SA once told me not to even worry about the card, and just say I want the 25% off for the preferred customer event. It worked.
  4. <HIJACK>
    Hi all, I'm a long time lurker here - anyway - the above link - where did that come from????? I look at Coach's website every day just about and unless I use that link above, I don't see it if I go to www.coach.com. What's going on??? I'm scared, what else have I been missing???

    BTW, I LOVE that bag!!:love:
    </END HIJACK!>
  5. If you search by style number, it takes you to the product page, even if it's "hidden." Which is weird, but evidently they don't mind.
  6. well actually on the site its not listedd
    if you have the new catalog
    you can just type in the item number and it comes upp
    ill give you the item numberss
  7. Weekend Tote: 10500

    Top Handle Pouch: 40315

    Wedge Wristlet: 40313

    Lorah Wedge: Q144

    Shoulder Bag: 10489

    Ali Shoulder Flap: 10491

    Framed French Purse: 40312

    thanks to krispin41
  8. Wow! You guys are so fast, thank you!! :flowers:

    <whispers> anything else I should know? :sneaky:
  9. haha thankss im getting the shoulder bag and the wristlet....

    they are tdf!
  10. I think I'm going to try to NOT buy a purse right now (gasp!) - I just got another at the outlet and while I'd like to get another legacy bag, I think I will branch out and treat myself to some really nice gloves and/or shoes.

    Ok, and maybe a wristlet. Man, I'm bad!
  11. :yahoo: Woo-hoo! I just got mine today! I'll be hitting the Coach website this evening....Haven't bought a Coach since Summer.....Oh wait..I did buy a tote...I can't resist with the 25% off! At LEAST a pair of gloves!!!! :heart: Emmy
  12. Probably something small. I hardly spend money there anymore but they keep sending the coupons anyway. I just can't afford to spend hundreds every few months on a bag.
  13. How do you guys get that close to the SAs? Because here in Houston, I haven't found any that are that nice, or that willing to help me out with a coupon. I've resorted to searching Ebay for one.
  14. either a swingpack or the hippie...i need something crossbody.

    i'm returning a few things that i can only get store credit for...so, it works out perfectly. :smile:

    or else i'm just gonna end up getting accessories...(hellooo ipod case!)
  15. i can't get close to sa's, either. but, for me, it's a distance thing. i only get out to that mall once a month or so...so by the time, i get there, schedules change and so do the sa's. so i don't even bother.