What are you buying for August PCE?

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  1. I like so many things from the Hamptons line! I'm disappointed that we can't use the PCE for that, along with Legacy and Zoe. So what are you planning on getting for the August PCE?

    Here's mine so far:
    Bleecker Sig Checkbook Wallet

  2. I'm buying a bunch of Legacy Stripe Charm Lipgloss.
  3. I'm bummed about the exclusions too...but I've been eyeing the Berry Heritage Stripe Satchel or one of the sig stripe satchels (and a matching wristlet and mini skinny). Of course, my eye tends to wander...so it depends on what looks good on my arm (which will suck if more than one does)!
  4. Bleecker Patent Blue Flap purse!!! I've been waiting so long!

    Attached Files:

  5. I can't wait to get my Rose Ergo Pleated Satchel!!!:yahoo::cloud9::tender::choochoo::party:
  6. Hey girls! I just wanted to see if anyone already has an idea of what they'll be picking up with the upcoming PCE?

    I'm going to order the Bleeker Metalic Woven Hobo! It will be my birthday present.
  7. I probably won't get anything for myself, but if I cave, I'm going to get one of these beauty cases:

    I know, though, that I'll definitely get this wallet for my boyfriend
  8. I'll be using this one to buy something for my RAOK buddy :smile:

    I don't need anything right now.
  9. Have not decided yet :wondering
  10. I would love to get the Berry CHS Fashion Satchel.... or the Berry Hamptons Leather Hobo...but I just bought my capacity wristlet and mini skinny, so sadly I don't *need* anything.

    This PCE will go towards a purchase for my RAOK buddy if I get one in time :smile:
  11. I really don't need anything from the boutiques since I've been going EBAY CRAZY lately...:Push: I may get the Koala charm and some signature cleaner. ....I know....WOO HOO! So not exciting! LOL......:P
  12. I'd love to get the patent Bleecker clutch that is out now. Or a capacity wristlet. I've looked at that Heritage stripe beauty case too. But if I could find a wallet for DH in the kind he's decided he likes....I may shock him and get him that....we'll just have to see. I just don't see me getting anything too big....though a few bags make me drool.
  13. Not sure what I want to get... possibly the bulldog keyfob and maybe a bag... not sure what bag though since there are a lot of exclusions! :tdown: