What are you buying at the PCE??

  1. Just curious...what is everyone planning to buy at this month's PCE???

    What's Hot!!??
  2. My heart is telling me to go with the straw wristlet:biggrin:
  3. Betty Boop ~ I don't see that on line...is that the correct name?? ...I really want to look at it :smile:
  4. Well, it depends on IF I can sneak in some orders for April stuff. There isn't alot of stuff that I see out of what is available that I have to have.

    Maybe another Legacy Bag in Pond or a Khaki Signature/Gold Mandy...
  5. The number is 40433...in the book it's on page 32, it's called the Natural/Vermillion. It's TDF!
  6. ^Oh my gosh, Betty - I never noticed that before. I've been through the catalog at least 50 times and never saw that wristlet. It's beautiful! I hope you'll be able to get it during the PCE.

    So, what am I buying at the PCE? Here's what I want to buy:

    Legacy Flap in khaki/black:

    Jacque slingbacks in black:

    Carly Signature wristlet in black:

    Buffalo leather card case:

    I am not sure that I will be able to swing all of that financially, so we'll see what I actually get. :shame:
  7. Awesome Mokoni!! I hope you saved up!!

    I have this:

    which is quite similar to the one you are going to purchase. I simply LOVE it!! I think it's been one of my favorite purchases!!

    I want to add these:



    ....to my collection this time...
  8. What a lovely combination of things. I love all of your choices!
  9. These two things are on my wishlist...sooooo nice!
  10. I'm still undecided about the scarves, but here's what I want to get.

    Legacy Shoulder bag in Pond

    Legacy Ponytail scarf

    Fragrance Print wristlet

    Fragrance Print scarf
  11. I have not seen the legacy ponytail scarf beanpole...I love it!! How much is it??

    I may have to change my purchases :smile:
  12. I'll be getting the pong shoulder too!!!!! I;ve been "ponding" for it forever!!!!!
  13. me too!!
  14. Here's my wish list:

    Legacy Ponytail scarf, Perfume Print flip flops, Perfume Print coin case (if possible), Maybe a satchel?? or another pair of shoes....

    I would love to get some sunglasses & a watch - but I know those are definately not going to happen.

    I'm not really sure what I am going to be able to get either due to finances being tight this time around.... We'll see how the sale of some eBay stuff goes... :sad:
  15. On the back of the PCE card it says that the 25% isnt valid for the fragrance collection...does that include the ponyscarf, wristlet, etc?

    i will be getting charms (C and heart frame), ponytail scarves (not sure which ones yet), scribble wristlet or mini skinny, carly wristlet, and sunglasses.