What are you bag habits? Name your bag purchases in past 60 days

  1. I was just asking a PF member about this earlier today and thought it would make an interesting thread. (Hope I'm not repeating a past thread)

    Since joining the forum my bag purchases have gone through the roof. Even more recently, since I've discovered buying and selling on the forum its been even worse.

    So I'm curious.

    Name all of your bag purchases in the last 60 days

    How many ladies are as bad as me...or worse? :lol:
    How many of us are disciplined stick to a few bags?

    Here's my 60 day list:sad:2 out of the 7 were sold b-cuz I changed my mind :biggrin:)

    Louis Vuitton Speedy 35
    Louis Vuitton Cerises Speedy--(sold)
    Louis Vuitton Babylone--(sold)
    Louis Vuitton Mizi
    Louis Vuitton Neo Speedy
    Louis Vuitton Denim Baggy GM
    Chloe Paddington

    There is no way I EVER would have bought this many bags in such a short period if it werent for the forum. I know this for a fact. This is only a list from 2 months. :shame:

    But I'm loooooooving it!!! LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. In order of purchase:

    LV Speedy 25
    Hayden Harnett Mercer in Black
    Kooba Sienna in Black
    Balenciaga City in Ink
    Balenciaga City in Black

    Ouch. I need to control myself! :shame: :lol: :lol:

    Iluvbags, I find myself frequenting the Marketplace more and more these days, too. I feel my wallet is going to be hurting again soon!:P
  3. Don't know if other accessories count... but here's ALL the stuff I've purchased or am negotiating a purchase with, from the MARKETPLACE so far.... and I've only joined 2 weeks ago.. dear me

    -7 FAM jeans
    -LV Vernis Ludlow
    -Chanel Ballet Flats
    -Marc Jacobs Shoes
    -Baby White Spy
    -Chloe Sable Paddington

    all from PF members
  4. he he :lol:
    Quite a few purchases there cate22. Glad to see I'm not the only one
  5. Oh, girl, you are in trouble. :amazed:
  6. Yes, so am I. ;) :biggrin:

    Lyn - Wow! You're off to a rousing start!! :biggrin:
  7. Yes ma'am Lyn that's quite a bit for two weeks.

    I have not bought all my bags from the forum but it's nice to see that you're keeping it in the family :P
  8. i've been a good good girl :P i've only bought:

    LV wallet (from PF)
    LV cherry blossoms scarf (PF)
    LV black MC bandeau
    Hermes scarf ring

    but tons of clothes, jewelry, and shoes so not so good after all :sad2:
  9. I just happened to type up a list of recently purchased handbags last night so that my friend can help me eliminate some.

    MJ Elise in Patent/Black
    MJ Mini-Bowler in Patent/Chalk
    MJ Blake
    Celine Cladestine in Cream
    YSL Muse in White
    Kooba Scarlett in Cream
    Andrea Brueckner Saddle Bag in White
    Kate Spade mini-gabi in Black

    Tempted to bring home: Fendi Bbag in tan/black combo....
    OMG, I need serious intervention!!!! I need to tune out of purse forums for a while so that I won't be tempted by bags any more. Just when I thought I'm done, another nice-looking bag pops up & catches my attention.

  10. LOL :love: Yeah... I really am.. I told myself tonight after I forwarded payment for the Fendi baulotto spy in White... I gotta go cold turkey!!!

    Does anyone else think this forum is like an addiction?? Complete with dealers (in the marketplace), payment plans, and secrecy??? :amuse:
  11. In the past 60 days, just...
    - Bronze City Balenciaga
    - MJ Ursula Patent Bowler in Black (size large)....this is going back though as it's simply too big for me; might exchange for the medium sized or just forget about this style altogether
  12. Past 60 days:
    Burberry pochette
    Burberry large tote
    LV graffiti pochette
    Balenciaga apple green first

    Ouch, it hurts to see it in writing...that's a lot of waiting on tables...I justified them all by saying they were my birthday presents to myself!
  13. I have bought in the last 60 days

    Balenciaga in grey (sold)
    Epi Speedy 30 mandierin
    BE&D fgold bag ( dont know name)
    Bottega veneta hobo ( ok praying this is mine from PF )
    little black epi wallet card holder

    There is no way i would have bought this much if it wasnt for the forum.. so we should all get discounts or vlad and megs should as they are helping us spend the money haha :smile:
  14. Balenciaga gray box (25th b-day gift to myself)
    Coach scribble pouch
    MJ Venetia in geranium (bought from fellow PF-er)
    my boyfriend bought me the Coach bronze signature tote for my b-day

    I'm not really supposed to be buying anything because I'm trying to pay off all my student loans before I apply for my PhD. I can't buy anything else for a while. I just paid $2,000 for part of my spring semester fees and I have to pay $1,700 for my summer semester.
  15. Past 60 days:
    LV Spontini
    LV Cerises Cles
    LV Musette Tango (short strap)
    LV Epi Pochette in Mandarin