What are you allergic too?

  1. What are you allergic too?:tender:

    I am allergic to chocolate, grass, and flour tortillas.:hysteric:
  2. working out.
  3. LMAO! You are hilarious!:roflmfao:
  4. Kiwi fruit! Makes my mouth all itchy and unbearable!
  5. Bees!!!! I have only been stung once. I have to get to an emergency room quick if there is a next time. After the second time you have to carry an Epi Pen with you all the time. It's a shot of epinephrine. It only gives you about 15 min. to get to an ER though!!
  6. Walnuts (love 'em), ragweed, mold spores, and bees.
  7. mold spores (winter allergies, ugh!).
    Mentally allergic to orange juice. Weird, I know!
  8. cheap perfume, somehow i will get nose bleed, i don't even know why.
  9. Here I go :shame:

    Dairy- milk, butter, cheese, ice cream etc (makes me vomit and have asthma), Wheat - bread, flour (asthma), Fish (hives and throat swells), Nuts (ER visit).

    Ragweed, pollen, mold, grass, trees... umm yea- Awful Asthma from all of them!

    Ugh... fun right?!
  10. grass and pollen.
  11. :wtf:
  12. dust,pollen, fresh cut grass, oak, cats, birds,mites,shellfish,tomatoes,oranges,
    mold, mice, roaches,bees,mangos,horses,
    and i forget what it is called but its found
    in alot of makeup. other stuff too but can't
    remember. i had an allergy test and am now on
    4 meds to control them. i decided to go for
    allergy shots. we'll see if it works:shrugs: .

  13. Hey Megs,

    The dairy and wheat allergies makes me wonder -- have you ever been tested for Celiac?
  14. I don't think I'm allergic to anything except someone's comment above made me wonder if I am allergic to kiwi because my mouth gets really dry and there's usually goosebumps or something all over my tongue and the sides of the my mouth, so I could possibly be allergic to kiwi as well. hmmm...:shrugs:
  15. dairy - upset my stomach

    some makeup - break out into rash

    deodorant sprays - get cuts/rash:hysteric: