What are you all talking about when you say square bales?

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  1. Hi all,
    Does anyone have a picture of the correct bale and a square bale? I love bbags but am embarrassed to say that I don't even know what a bale is!! I know that this is suppose to be in bbag 101 learning:shame:
  2. A great site for all the stuff that makes b-bags fake is ateliernaff.blogspot.com as she has posted pics and everything!
  3. thanks so much and sorry I posted this in the wrong spot!
  4. Chocobo just posted this picture in the Auth. this thread:


    The square bale on the right is the fake one, the rounded one on the left is authentic.
  5. Ohh i was JUSt asking about this on the authentic thread... now i know what the bales are... thankssssssssssss
  6. This is cracking me up! I'm glad I wasn't the ONLY one who didn't know. Now I'm going to toss that term around. :lol:

    Cal, thanks for the pics--now I get it!
  7. Ahhh...now I get it!! Also so glad that others didn't know what that meant either!!Now I don't feel quite so:shame:
  8. Does it only apply to bags with shoulder straps then?
  9. hahaha. very clear now.
  10. yep! and there are other weird shaped bales too. D- shaped, really round shaped and even ones that are shaped correctly, but the wire is the wrong gauge and is too thick or thin. I've even seen D-shaped bales that someone took a pair of pliers to and tried to make them oval shaped...
  11. You learn something new everyday!! Thanks for the info!
  12. yes, since the bales are attached to the shoulder straps.;)