What Are You Afraid Of ?

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  1. I'm afraid of Height's & Bee's :cry:

    What Are You Afraid Of ?
  2. Interesting topic!

    Mine are...Spiders, snakes, butterflies + moths, and I'm also not too fond of the dark. :worried:
  3. I"m afraid of spiders and heights.
  4. I am terrified of heights and also I am scared of spiders.
  5. Tornadoes, stinging insects, airplanes, and the dark.
  6. i'm afraid of the dark...=(
  7. heights, the dark.....and any kind of bug :worried:
  8. I'm allergic to wasps, so I tend to panic if one seems headed toward me. I'm also afraid of being alone in parkades and other places where I could be vulnerable.
  9. Height for me....
  10. I'm scared of heights and scary looking men.
  11. I know this is weird but I’m afraid of frogs. Ewwww just the thought makes me queasy.
  12. Bugs in general (spiders, roaches, bees, centepedes, etc) and height.
  13. I am deathly allergic to bees, so I am terrified of them. I am also not a fan of heights and I do not like huge crowds of people.
  14. I am petrified of rats and anything rodent-like.
  15. I am afraid of snakes, sharks (even I swam with them twice),trap in the elevator.
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