What are you aching for from Coach's current line?

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  1. What are you aching for from Coach's current line?
  2. this is what i plan to get..
    40065_SVCB_d2.jpg 40125_B4CN_d2.jpg 92008_SVMC_d2.jpg
  3. what about you?
  4. I'm pining for way too much right now :Push: As of today (7/2/06) this is just some of the stuff I want (off the website, what I want from the outlets is a whole other story, lol) but probably wont be getting.
    10124_BKHCM_d2.jpg 40026_BKHMA_d2.jpg 40148_BKHMA_d2.jpg 10048_B4TO_d2.jpg
  5. I kind of like the stuff above. All of it. A lot.

    Would you all monogram?? I am just not sure.
  6. ^ Nah, I dont think I would. Ive never seen how it looks IRL but even if I liked it, I just couldnt spend that small extra amount to do so. I'm such a cheap skate LOL :shame:
  7. lol im changing my last name so it would be a waste to monogram and then not be able to use it. im going to buy the letters R and T though.
  8. i realllly want the large sig. striped tote in white, and a mtaching wristlet. or the demi pouch in white and gold
  9. Signature multi-function tote, intriguing !
  10. I am craving the alligator legacy hobo I saw at the Coach store ... so beautiful! If you ladies ever get a chance to visit a flagship store, go try it on, it is TDF!
  11. all of those are cute picks!!
  12. the charm watch is pretty cute but I need a watch face with hands
    I like the handbags scarf
    and I would have sex with the Daphne jacket droool

    probably the only thing I really want is that jacket but boy do I want it
  13. ^ That scarf & jacket just look oh so delicious :P
  14. For once there isn't anything on the site that I want :amazed: :Push: :sad: I'm disappointed in their whole fall collection...it all looks kind of ugly and unoriginal to me. The summer stuff was WAY better (esp the new khaki/white scribble line).

    After looking at this monstrosity..I think I will be staying out of Coach this fall :sick: It looks like they took all the pieces of leftover jacquard fabric they had lying around the factory and glued it all together.