What are u buying NEXT ???

  1. Hopefully a GM zip agenda in Rouge Vif Mysore, but depends whether they can get it or not......hmmmmm....orange scarf with a horse made up of scarves (not sure of the name) ordered that one, too....hmmmmm perhaps a Birkin..........(shhhhh!)...
  2. LOVE that pegasus charm!!

    Saw a Kelly yesterday with the lantern charm on it.....niiice!
  3. An Ebene Birkin if i make it to the top of the list before year end.

    If not, then it'll have to be ties, twillys and scarves as christmas presents to people I owe major thanks to!
  4. Yea, in case you don't know :graucho:

    The discussion about KARO CLUTCH sent ALOT of girls running to the stores asking for them :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    The power of this forum :angel:
  5. Hah, I'm sure they're going to start making them again just because of all the PFies baying for them right now :biggrin:
  6. K, WHERE did you see that lantern charm? Do you have any idea how rare those are? They are highly sought after by collectors, myself included. Oh, please, please, please, where did you see it?

    You're on a roll girl! First, you see the elusive vert jasmin and now the lantern charm. While you're at it I'm looking for 2 rare scarves. Want to help me find them?

    As to what HG's getting, I'm not certain. Hmmmm, I've really fallen in love with bleu jean in Swift, so I'm thinking of getting a Trim II.

  7. Great, now we will all be asking about the LANTERN CHARM :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Please post a pic, what does a lantern charm look like ???
  8. I don't even have a picture, that's how rare it is.
  9. i've seen a pic of the lantern on a kelly either on this forum or TFS... i'll dig it up
  10. it's Ninja Sue's kelly with the lantern charm on the lock/charm thread :smile:
  11. LOL! Ninja Sue is very lucky indeed to have it!! The only way to get it nowadays is to get it through the resale market and still, I never see it.
  12. I have a pic, but HG, it was on a customers gold Kelly 28....she was in my store yesterday and actually had her bag locked with it!! This is why I noticed it....it was actually on her turnlock!! So there ARE people out there who use the locks properly = lol!!!....I'll keep an eye out......I saw one on ebay once, that was ages ago - went for $600US - bargain....

    I posted a pic of all the cadenas once - it was on there...
  13. OMG! That's hoe the lady in the store had hers, too!! What is with these lanters owners?? They all do up theor bags properly!! Ninja?? What's up with that???

    Lovely bag....I never tire of seeing N.Sue's bags....
  14. Yep, a collector got it. The price is probably 4 times what was originally paid for it.*sigh* I'm on the hunt.

    Here's an auction to watch. This scarf is rare and highly sought after by collectors. I'm dying to see what it goes for. I'm bowing out of bidding as I know someone who wants it. Foulard HERMES " Japonaises "variante _ silk en vente sur eBay.fr (Achat de l'objet 180028782713 - fin le 21-sept.-06 22:25:41 Paris)