What are Twiggy's made of?

  1. Chevre, right? At least, the sides of the back are, not the handles or the bottom, correct?

    There's a seller on eBay right now with an elaborate description of their 05 Twiggy that never mentions chevre or goat leather - says it's authentic calfskin Twiggy, which is what got me to thinking about the whole thing. The Twiggies I've seen do seem heavier than the Firsts and Cities - but I thought they were still partly goatskin. Now, I'm thinking I could be wrong.

    The pricing I have for Twiggies from 05 states that retail price back then was $995, today it's $1095. Does that sound right?
  2. they are all chevre (kidskin). no calf anywhere. i believe, the twiggy have always been $1095.
  3. The whole Twiggy bag is goatskin, the price went up in F/W 06 from $1055 to $1095. I don't know prior to 06 S/S.

    Sometimes, eBay sellers don't know what they are selling down to the last detail. Not everyone is soooo into Bal, it may have been bought on impulse with no research, and is being sold the same way.

    I wish you well,

  4. Thanks, Esile and Bridget. This particular seller claims that the $1560 buy it now price is equal to original price plus tax, plus says it's made of calfskin, which threw me off.
  5. Twiggy is made of lots of $1 bills and penny coins as hardware. Hehehe:graucho:
  6. That $1560 price is one all the fakers used to say in their auctions... I'd be real wary of this auction, Melisande.
  7. Thanks, Izitso. Something about the whole auction made me wary - the seller has a real attitude. I was just telling my DH that it's enough that I'm willing to spend on these bags - to be treated rudely (at all) by a seller just isn't going to convince me to buy - no matter how rare or what the color.

    I could change my mind if an authentic and lovely Rose Twiggy came up, though.

  8. arent all b bags out of the same leather??
    hmm, i find it soo annoying on eBay when sellers 'actually" explain the bag and describe it. surely if someone wants the real deal, they dont want to know whether its leather or not, dimensions, etc etc..
    and often as above mentioned actually describe it wrong which makes them look so silly :lol: