What are Tokidoki bags made of?

  1. Can anyone tell me what the tokidoki bags are made from? What does the fabric feel like? Since there are no stores near me that sell Tokidoki, i'll be buying my bag online. I've never seen one in person, so i'm just curious. Sorry if it's a dumb quetsion:shame:
  2. I think it's ripstop nylon???
  3. Yeah, its great! Weighs next to nothing and seems pretty durable. I haven't used any of mine enough to really put them to the test though! I've used them everyday but I've bought so many and changed them out...
  4. yeah .. ripstop nylon sounds right. I can't describe what it feels like tho .. hmm let me go feel one of my bags .. lol

    ok so it feels pretty smooth .. not rough or anything .. i think at least ..
  5. Yep, it's rip-stop nylon---same material used for parachutes, so it's very sturdy.:biguns:
  6. rip stop nylon. very durable and easy to clean!!
  7. Thanks everyone! you're all so helpful ^_^ :heart:
  8. What kind of toki you thinking of buying?

    off-topic -- that guy in your avatar...is that the guy from the korean drama "Over The Rainbow"??? Rex?
  9. ripstop nylon and vachetta leather. haha. My mom was like, "HOW much are those bags? They don't have that much leather on them. . . "
  10. haha. talking about korean stuff and "over the rainbow" theres a song by the trax (korean rock band) called "Over the rainbow"... AND I LOVE IT! IT'S GREAT. hahaha. i think korean people have an obsession with the title "over the rainbow" i mean, theres a song, a drama, and a movie with the same title. wow.
  11. I didnt know ripstop nylon was used to parachutes too!

    I told my bf this and he said "So in case you're falling from the sky..you can use your bag as a parachute then." lol

    Woahhh how awesome would a tokidoki parachute look?
  12. I'm getting a l'amore zucca for graduation. Yay me! :yes: And the guy in my avatar is Oguri Shun from the Japanese drama Hana Yori Dango(1&2). I'm obsessed with him:drool:
  13. What parts are leather? Is there leather on every bag?
  14. there's the leather part on the straps!

    Always! On every single bag, caramella, portatelefono.. everything!

    Its also where they attach the qees on.. for the bags and such! :smile:
    toki leather.jpg
  15. Omg, you're so nice! You even gave me an illustrated picture :p It's really helpful:biggrin: