WHAT are those weird purses i see people here carrying ?? I'm Gonna go NUTS!

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  1. It may be the wrong place to post this ... but here in FL I see girls (HS age mostly ) But some women at the club wearing these quilted cloth patterned purses that look like diaper bags.. it's just a humble opinion... perhaps I missed something and the make is so blantently ovious that I need to be smacked with a clue-by-4 , I am not fond of these purses but I have to know who makes these things ....I i might just go a littttttttle more crazy .... and with a wedding to plan I need what limited sanity I still have ...
    - much thanks for input :biggrin:
  2. Vera Bradley, and there are tons of knock offs.

    They do look like diaper bags! :biggrin:
  3. I have seen them around, I thought they were from Old Navy or something. I'm not a fan , they're too busy-looking for me
  4. Ohhhh , thank you so much , now at least I know ! I have just been seeing so many of late , I mean they are not my thing , but they seem to be every one else's here inTampa .. !
  5. The FL girls love Vera! Never quite my cup of tea, although sometimes I think they look cute
  6. All the sorority girls atr my old university walked around with those :P
  7. yes I agree, I do see them on the arms of people who are on -the -go... well it's just a personal prefrance , but i'm on the go with my new gucci . diffrent strokes ..It never matter what the price allbeit , I love my little raulph lauren nylon shoulder bag too ((retail$44)))
  8. They're available all over the place (Hallmark stores and Crabtree and Evelyn. They're real popular with kids and (for some reason) with 30-something housewives around here.
  9. Vera Bradley makes cute stuff. But I can see how seeing them everywhere would drive you batty!
  10. I loved them in high school. They were very affordable and had lots of styles. Now I only use them as gym bags.
  11. Those bags are ALL OVER DC. It's like people have stock in the company or something. Those and Longchamp tote bags. It's like there was a meeting somewhere or something. My aunt has a few in her sorority colors, but it's not my cup of tea at all.
  12. Can anyone post pics?
  13. I think they look like pot holders
  14. my boyfriend calls these "grandma bags" and they were all over boston when I visited there last year. They seemed super popular with all ages. I don't get it