WHAT are those weird purses i see people here carrying ?? I'm Gonna go NUTS!


Jan 23, 2006
It may be the wrong place to post this ... but here in FL I see girls (HS age mostly ) But some women at the club wearing these quilted cloth patterned purses that look like diaper bags.. it's just a humble opinion... perhaps I missed something and the make is so blantently ovious that I need to be smacked with a clue-by-4 , I am not fond of these purses but I have to know who makes these things ....I i might just go a littttttttle more crazy .... and with a wedding to plan I need what limited sanity I still have ...
- much thanks for input :biggrin:
Ohhhh , thank you so much , now at least I know ! I have just been seeing so many of late , I mean they are not my thing , but they seem to be every one else's here inTampa .. !
yes I agree, I do see them on the arms of people who are on -the -go... well it's just a personal prefrance , but i'm on the go with my new gucci . diffrent strokes ..It never matter what the price allbeit , I love my little raulph lauren nylon shoulder bag too ((retail$44)))
They're available all over the place (Hallmark stores and Crabtree and Evelyn. They're real popular with kids and (for some reason) with 30-something housewives around here.
Those bags are ALL OVER DC. It's like people have stock in the company or something. Those and Longchamp tote bags. It's like there was a meeting somewhere or something. My aunt has a few in her sorority colors, but it's not my cup of tea at all.