What are they talking about...?

  1. French Co. is vintage LV... I think it's the company way back when that used to make LVs... hopefully some other tPFs can explain it to you better...
  2. The French Company (located in the US) was licensed by LV to produce items for the North American market before LV started exporting their items from France/ set up production in the US

    Yes, official LV Monogram Canvas was used
  3. They were a company that was licensed to make LV bags for release in the US. On the speedy's they have a strip of vachetta across the bottom so you do not have the sag of the regular LV speedy's and since it is made in 2 pieces you do not have the LV upside down on one side.
    They are beautiful vintage pieces and real collectibles
  4. So wouldn't it be possible that some of the LV fakes on TV are from that French Co. ... Especially in the last episode of Friends.... or in Death Becomes her ... Meryl Streep had a Keepall with feet and the leather stripe also under the bag ( you know what you described with the Speedy)....
    Does anyone know since when LV started to export to US as well....?
  5. The french company is still in existence. They actually make a black speedy with vachetta handles which is kind of cute too.