What are these?

  1. Hi Ladies, I need your expertise pinpointing the brand of boots Kate Moss is wearing in these photos. I wanted to get a pair of black Uggs to replace my old beige ones for the chilly Vancouver winter, but I am curious what brand these are (note the tag on the side at the front rather than back). Any ideas?

    THANKS!!! :love: :love:
    1458505.jpg 1458509.jpg
  2. no ideas?? c'mon shoe aficianados, I need your help!! ;)
  3. Those are cute-I would like to know what they are too
  4. Do any of you British ladies know?
  5. I am still searching--HELP PLEASE!
  6. At first i thought they were Uggs, now i don't really know.
  7. They are definitely not uggs. Any other ideas?
  8. ^^That was my second guess but the tag isn't the same and Emus have the name stitched along the top seam if you see them close up.
  9. ^thanks but I already checked it
  10. thanks for the suggestion! ;) I wish I knew what she was actually wearing. I'm going to London in December and I'd love to track them down.