What are these?

  1. What are these for- are they magnetic? Anybody want to share pics if you have them? They are called Leather Lace.

    leather lace.jpg
  2. The descriptions says that they can be worn as a necklace or bracelet.:shrugs:
  3. they are leather laces, they sale them to put the charms in them...
  4. ooooooo- I see......Thanks!
  5. And they're expensive for strips of leather, I was kinda shocked when I first saw them.
  6. Do you tie it together?
  7. you can do whatever with them, but they are just strips of leather.
  8. Do you only get 1 or the whole bunch?
  9. I looked at one on elux this morning, and the color option was "pink/gold" so you only get one. I still don't get it - do you tie it, or are the tips magnetized? Is it soft/flexible? Could be cute, but $67 seems steep. If it wasn't LV would anyone pay that? I don't think so...
  10. yes- I don't think so, unless you are a mega spender and don't want to bother looking elsewhere for strips of leather.

    It looks to me like they are maybe just capped with metal at the ends?
  11. I think you're supposed to tie them :yes:
  12. Very cute idea, and I did like the idea of pink, but while I spend big bucks on some items, that's not one of them. THanks for verifying the how-to.
  13. What are they, you ask?? A waste of money. Pointless LV products. How ugly will it be to tie a strip of colored leather around your wrist. No one will know or be impressed by a strip of LV leather. Had to rant, sorry.
  14. Ditto Lady LV :smile:
  15. :wtf: I think it's very soft and I doubt if anyone will try to impress people with it. We have our flashy Louis Vuitton bags and luggage for that... right? :rolleyes: