What are these tokidoki bags?

  1. What are these tokidoki bags that everyone is posting about? Photo? Info?

  2. Tokidoki is the brainchild of Italian graphic artist Simone Legno. He is currently collaborating with LeSportsac on a line of handbags, you can view his spring Tokidoki collection online at tokidoki for LeSportsac - Spring 2007

    In addition to Tokidoki handbags, there is also a line of Smashbox Tokidoki make-up, toys, clothing, and a soon-to-be shoe line. Check it out!
  3. They're awesome is what they are!
  4. they are a bunch of fairly inexpensive (for this board, anyways) super cute, very intricate printed bags. The co-creater and designer is an italian artist who does things very japanese style. THe result is too cute! He has a bunch of other things, like toys, clothes and shoes. You can see the bags at LeSportsac.com or his actual website at tokidoki.it. Hope that Helps!

    Oh, and the cool thing about these bags is that they are all cut from different parts of the design, so no two are hardly ever alike. :biggrin:
  5. Just my opinion...but I don't see what the hype is about these bags. They remind me of Hello Kitty or something like that.
  6. Tokidoki is a unique line of handbags and many of us on here love them. They are for the open-minded, creative, and artistic loving who wish to carry around more of a piece of art rather than a typical bag that everyone has.
  7. I really like one of my Tokidoki bags just for the reason that it reminds me of the Little Twin Stars. :smile: Everyone's got different tastes though.
  8. Well not at the stores here...when i was looking at the piratas here most of them looked soo similarly alike...i was torn to choose ...in fact my friend bought similarly alike print placement on both sides of the mamma mia...which i found rather odd but cool at the same time...there wasnt that much of print choice to choose though because they said that was their first and last shipment of the piratas :sad:

    heee...i guess we are young at heart! :biggrin: ...i love tokidoki ...they are just soooooooooo cute :biggrin:
  9. Elvis is a Pirate!! :love:
  10. The pirata print is such a small print compared to the other prints (NYShopaholic pointed this out to me) that the bags are not as unique as some of the other patterns. Which actually makes just about every purse I've seen a good one. It doesn't bother me b/c I :heart: Pirates!!
  11. I don't have any tokidokis, but I think using one as a baby bag is adorable!!!!! The makeup line is cute too
  12. I agree...the baby bags are way too cute. I want a baby just so I can use that bag!!
  13. elvis is a pirate? where did that come from?
  14. Ha Ha Ha! I was wondering if anyone would respond to that. I used to go to college at East Carolina University and their mascot was Petey the Pirate and in a store downtown they sold t-shirts that were Purple and in yellow writing they said, "Elvis is a Pirate!" So of course being the shopaholic I am...I got one and it became the biggest joke at my house. It was the ugliest t-shirt you've ever seen and I still don't get what it means!! :roflmfao: