what are these super cute boots called?

  1. Goya boot
  2. oh no! those are the exact pair i'm in love with at NM.. they're $760 in Hawaii, marked down to $608, with an addti'l 25% on top... i'm trying to resist....
  3. ^^ no way! what sizes are available, do you know? i would loooooooove a pair at that price!!
  4. ugh, looks like only Saks has these, except they're completely sold out in my size both online and in stores. i'd love to know whether any neiman's has it.....:smile:
  5. I'm not sure what sizes are left...lol.. can you have the sales associates call? I don't shop N's frequently, so i don't know what the rules are for store to store purchases and shipping... If I wind up going back to pick up the pair in my size, i'll take a look around at the other sizes available and report back. :yes:
  6. You can also try the live chat on Saks or NM website. They can let you know if the boot is available at any of their stores.