What are these marks on my bag!!!!? Help please!

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  1. 6A821CE9-818E-4110-9FD5-460667B15CB7.jpeg EE4E4150-134F-4955-B2A4-C8E027DBA961.jpeg 5458ABEA-232E-4E24-9CF7-503F89293BE8.jpeg Just noticed these stains on my Céline and wondering how I can get them out. I’ve barely even used the bag - they’re faded under dark lighting but very visible outside!
    Thanks in advance ❤️
  2. I have the same problem on my black Celine classic bag...they seem to be ok if I use Apple care cleaner and conditioner but they reappear within a day or two.
  3. Omg I just ordered mine and it arrived today - I wanted to ask people about it before I used it on my bag. Is Apple leather care good? Thanks :smile:
  4. i have the same whitish stains too on my Celine bags and have no idea where they came from. the strange thing is also - after a while the stains disappeared and i also have no clue what i did to make it disappear :lol:

    I use apple leather care on my Celine bags and it's good. Just don't use it on natural calfskin but that shouldn't be a problem for your Luggage.
  5. I haven’t personally had this happen but I would guess , as others have recommended, that some apple care would help.
  6. Are they fingerprints or spots from someone touching the bag with lotion or hand sanitizer on their hands?
  7. I have gotten similar marks like that with sunscreen or lotion...or fingerprints as gettinpurseonal said.
  8. Hi guys! Thanks for your responses :smile:
    I did try cleaning it with Apple leather but the colour started coming off - is that even normal? :sad:
  9. Usually these are just 'bloom' marks and should be just buffed away with a clean, dry cloth or softest brush.

    Rubbing any kind of extra oil/fat into the leather is counter-productive since bloom marks are usually moisture/oil rising to the surface unevenly.
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  10. Sunscreen from your fingers? Sunscreen is notorious for staining leather. Even the smallest residue will leave marks.
  11. Once I was wearing a new Chanel flap in lambskin leather and I picked my son up to carry him and since it was the dead of summer, he was covered in sunscreen. His leg was rubbing against the bag unbeknownst to me and left a big mark like these but bigger area and more noticeable. :sad:
  12. I think a lot of Celine bags are prone to get questionable stains.

    There were bluish tiny dot marks/stains on my mom’s yellow ring bag one time and they were there for a while.... Then they miraculously disappeared.