What are these LV Bible books on Ebay?

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  1. Hi Everyone! I've been lurking around eBay and saw "LV Bible" books. (?) What are they and are they legit? They have so many great pictures in them. Thanks for the info! :yes:
  2. They're basically compilations of Vuitton products, and yes, they're great ! :yes:

    They aren't produced by Vuitton themselves per say, but they are excellent as references.
  3. Thanks for the info, Ayla! I appreciate it--I think I'll go buy one (or two) now!:smile:
  4. I actually bought one off eBay last week that I'm waiting for. I got an Chanel one last year and it is really awesome!!
  5. Thanks Lainie63! I'm trying to decide which LV one to get--I only wish I could read the language some of the books are printed in. :p
  6. OOH!! I have one with the Panda on the front!!!
  7. i have 2 of the japanese magazines/ bibles. one is mono and the other is smaller and all the lines. they are AWESOME. one has pics of diff people wearing the same style bag so you can see how they look and there are pics of what each bag holds. so cool. i only wish they were in english!
  8. I need to buy myself one of these!
  9. I've only seen ones from Japan and Hong Kong...no English ones. But they're really made for the pictures anyway. I like to flip through them when I'm bored. The "mini" bibles are better b/c there are no ads--just purses!
  10. I have the HK LV bible with Mr Panda on the front!!